WaPo Op-Ed: Afghanistan Debacle Attributable to 'Moral Disaster' of Biden and His Administration

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If you’ve been locked in a closet or had your head buried in the sand or up your— never mind, you get it.

What a tragedy that Joe Biden did not.

So, yeah — if you haven’t paid much attention to the news over the last couple of weeks, a quick scan of the following, recent RedState headlines will give you a pretty good idea of how things have gone for the most inept presidency in modern history — if not the history of the presidency in total.


Even worse, every bit of it has been self-inflicted by the guy in the image, above.

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Despite the desperate efforts of Biden and his equally hapless crew to slap as much lipstick on this pig as the pig’s lips can handle, the catastrophic debacle in Afghanistan is still a pig. It will always be a pig. And that pig will hang around the neck of Biden and his legacy until the proverbial end of time.

It’s hard to argue with the position that every major decision Biden has made from the beginning of this raging dumpster fire has not only proved to be disastrously wrong; he could have avoided the whole, smelly mess by following the advice of “experts” in his employ — which he stubbornly rejected. Multiple times.

The Washington Post editorial board was among those blistering Biden on Monday, shortly after America’s 20-year involvement in Afghanistan came to an official, inglorious end with the final military transport plane — carrying the last U.S. service members — leaving Afghan air space.

As the WaPo editors succinctly put it:

This is a moral disaster, one attributable not to the actions of military and diplomatic personnel in Kabul — who have been courageous and professional, in the face of deadly dangers — but to mistakes, strategic and tactical, by Mr. Biden and his administration.


Ouch. And categorically true.

The catastrophe of Afghanistan was not the fault of the U.S. military nor U.S. diplomacy.

Nor was it the fault of Donald Trump, the Afghan government, nor the Afghan military, as Joe “The Buck Stops Here” Biden has repeatedly claimed.

Sorry, Joe. It’s on you. All of it. 

The administration has continued to tout the number of people it claims have been evacuated from Afghanistan, as well the dwindling number of American civilians it claims remained in the country after the last plane left town. A senior State Department official told Fox News on Monday that a “small number” of Americans remained, adding, “below 250.”

 Shockingly, Biden’s disastrously inept Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday put the number at “closer to 100” — as if to suggest: “Hey— it just barely over 100! What’s the big deal?!”

Here’s the big deal, Tony. The U.S. military code —” no man left behind” says “no man,” not “barely over 100 men” — or “women,” as the case might be.

Here’s a bit of insight from the WaPo editorial board on some of the people left behind:

Those left behind appear to include many local journalists who worked for U.S.-supported media such as the Afghan service of RFE/RL. Painfully emblematic, too, is the experience of the American University of Afghanistan, all but a few of whose roughly 4,000 students, faculty, alumni and employees remain in Kabul.

AUAF was the signature U.S.-funded civilian institution in Kabul. The school symbolized not just the U.S.-Afghan relationship, but modernity itself. Therefore, it came under repeated and deadly attack from the Taliban, yet brave and determined women and men continued to teach and study there — until Kabul fell and the Taliban raised its flag over the campus.

A last-ditch attempt to bus several hundred members of the university community to the airport ended in frustration Sunday, when it became clear that civilian rescue flights were ending. Now, university officials tell us, these — mostly young — Afghans are back in Kabul, feeling abandoned and afraid.


Yet, the Biden administration continues to say people left behind will not be forgotten. Among those who only opens their mouth to change feet is Defense Department spokesman, retired Adm. John Kirby, who on Tuesday once again busted out the laser reference, this time claiming that the administration will remain “laser-focused” on the situation in Afghanistan — but from now on, only “diplomatically.”

#ProTip for Adm. Kirby: “Taliban” and “diplomacy” are mutually exclusive terms.

Then again, what can you say about a guy who tries to minimize stranded Americans with this beauty:

“We have Americans that get #stranded in countries all the time.”

Yeah, I got nothin’.

It gets worse.

The administration has also continued to claim — incredulously so — that “they have received assurances from the Taliban,” as noted in the WaPo op-ed, that these ruthless bastards will allow any remaining Americans to leave the country, as well as Afghanistan citizens — “for any reason.”

Believing that crock of crap is as hilarious as it is naive. The WaPo editorial board is neither:

Any “assurances” by the Taliban clash with statements their spokesmen made during the crisis that the United States was wrongly inducing Afghans to leave — not to mention the group’s record of murdering perceived enemies.

Moreover, two permanent members of the U.N. Security Council that still have embassies in Kabul — Russia and China — conspicuously did not sign the U.S.-backed international statement.

Their support would be needed to carry out one promising idea: French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal for a U.N.-designated “safe zone” in Kabul from which to organize evacuations after Tuesday.


“Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that the United States still has ‘significant leverage’ over the Taliban,” the editors wrote. “If so, the Biden administration must use it, relentlessly, until every Afghan with a legitimate claim to refuge has found it.”

The Bottom Line

Everything about this Biden-created tragedy is awful. It is not America. Not as we have known it, that is.

From stranded Americans and an administration trying its damnedest to minimize that reality, to Biden’s victory lap on the very day he flew to Dover Air Force Base to receive the remains of 13 brave service members who are now dead — because of him — to, as my colleague Brandon Morse reported, the Taliban going from house to house and executing residents, the unspeakable horrors that are coming.

Yet, Joe Biden sickly and delusionally celebrates a phantom victory that never happened.

And worst of all, it didn’t have to happen.

It didn’t have to be this way.

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