Biden's 'We Will Hunt You Down' Threat in Response to Deadly Kabul Attack Was Hollow Crap

Biden's 'We Will Hunt You Down' Threat in Response to Deadly Kabul Attack Was Hollow Crap
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Beseiged Joe Biden finally showed up to speak to the American people after more than six hours of crickets following the suicide bomber attack outside Kabul’s airport that left at least 13 American servicemen dead.

“Been a tough day,” the (ahem) commander in chief mumbled, as he began. Ya think?

As is usually the case with this hapless president, his comments were alternately incoherent, delusional, inappropriate, faux bravo, and outright lies. In this op-ed, I’m going to focus on Joe “Barney Fife” Biden’s false bravado — which we’ve seen several times in the aftermath of the deadly attack.

Biden rambled on about how “engaged” he has been been “all day and in constant contact with the military commanders here in Washington, the Pentagon, as well as in Afghanistan and Doha” — solely for the purpose of again trying to dissuade the majority of America and the world from the belief that he is an inept, out-of-touch, in-over-his-head, bumbling fool who has zero clue about the reality of his debacle.

Of. Course. He. Is.

“The situation on the ground is still evolving,” said the embattled president, being sure to add, “and I’m constantly being updated.” Oh, hell yeah the “situation on the ground is evolving,” Sherlock — just nowhere near the way you delusionally think it is.

At one point, as if on cue (it was, trust me) Biden summoned up his best “Barnie,” and pledged, in faux dramatic fashion (emphasis, mine):

“To those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone who wishes America harm, know this: We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay. I will defend our interests and our people with every measure at my command.”

Uh, huh — sure you will.

Let’s see… how can I put this, tactfully… what a complete and utter crock of crap.

Joe Biden, while he will not be allowed to forget, is not going to hunt anybody down. He is not going to make anybody pay. And his ridiculously hollow “I will defend our interests and our people with every measure at my command” was equal parts hilarious, sad, pathetic, and obscene.

Earth to Joe:

Now, tell us how you “defended our interests and our people with every measure of your command” by ignoring the advice of multiple advisors, military experts —about which you continue to lie. The problem? You have been directly contradicted. Multiple times.

Yeah, and tell us again how you “defended out people with every measure of your command” by violating the sacred credo of America’s military, which you (ahem) “command”:  — “no man left behind.” By inexplicably removing U.S. servicemen out of Afghanistan first. And only then desperately scampering to remove “as many Americans as we can,” no less.

Near the end of the Thursday “performance,” Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy tattooed Biden — which made me wonder why the inept president called on him; after having announced at the beginning of his comments that he was “instructed” about who to allow to question him.

And “hang his head in shame” Biden should do. Here he is, verbatim:

“We will get as many Americans out of Afghanistan after our troops leave as we can.”

Can you explain that, Joe? Any of it? Can you explain your decision to abandon Bagram Air Base, effectively surrendering it to the Taliban? You have been skewered for doing so, by former military commanders and other military experts, yet you continue to insist that senior military commanders — to a man — supported that decision. Sorry, man — I’m not buying it. And neither is anybody else.

To borrow a line from Greg Kinnear’s character to Jack Nicholson’s character in the movie, “As Good as It Gets,” the best thing Joe Biden has going for him is his willingness to humiliate himself.

Here’s the Bottom Line

Joe Biden has a serious inferiority complex.

Biden is terrified of being wrong, which is why he never accepts responsibility for his mistakes, opting instead to automatically blame everyone and everything else. Even after saying “the buck stops here,” he immediately pivots to the equivalent of “but Trump made me do it, and it’s Afghanistan’s fault.”

Yet, after nearly 50 years on Capitol Hill, during which time he accomplished virtually zero on his own, “Joey from Scranton” has finally achieved his lifelong goal — improbably so — for reasons that have zero to do with him.

Biden’s little secret non-secret? The Barack Obama wannabe is full of crap.

From his hollow threats, to the silly way he adopts the same “faux bravado” voice when he spews bald-faced lies — obviously believing his suddenly “authoritative” voice somehow provides substance and believability to his lies — it hilariously has the opposite effect — Joseph Robinette Biden is a hollow suit. A now delusional hollow suit, to boot.

After all, the guy who pledged to “heal America,” committed his presidency to “a time to heal,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, et cetera, et cetera, also pledged, of his foreign policy, earlier this year:

“America is back, diplomacy is back. [We will] reclaim our credibility and moral authority.


“When we strengthen our alliances we amplify our power as well as our ability to disrupt threats before they reach our shores.

“America cannot afford to be absent any longer on the world stage.”

But, now? My God, man.

Joe Biden’s pledges, commitments, and threats are nothing but hollow crap. They always have been; they always will be.

And ominously delusional? Corn Pop’s pal continues to think America believes that crap.

The band plays on, America. Joe Biden’s band, that is. And he’s its bumbling inept conductor.

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