Glenn Beck Tells Tucker Biden Officials Are Blocking His Effort to Save Afghan Christians

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While Joe Biden has created an unimaginable catastrophe in Afghanistan, a lot of people are stepping up trying to save people in the country from the Taliban.

Among them is Glenn Beck who has been trying to save Christians who are also at great risk with the threat of being “burned live or crucified” by the Taliban. According to Beck, the group that he supports – the Nazarene Fund – has saved 5100 Christians from Afghanistan still the country fell on August 15.


But he said that they had 500 people inside the Kabul airport but then an official booted the group and ordered them back outside the gates right before the suicide bombing attacks. He now fears many of that group may now be among the dead from the blast.

From Daily Mail:

‘We believe that our State Department is directly responsible for what we believe were some of these people,’ Beck told Fox News, ‘I don’t know how many survived.’

‘The State Department has blocked us every step of the way,’ he continued.

‘The State Department and the White House have been the biggest problem,’ he said, even as other countries tried to coordinate on the efforts.

Beck even claimed that an ambassador in Macedonia was called by someone, implying from the Biden Administration, telling them not to accept the people that Beck was trying to rescue. He said because of the blocking that they weren’t able to move people in about 12 hours, stymying the flow of getting people out.


He’s now trying to get then to two other countries but wouldn’t identify that countries because he said he was concerned about U.S. State Department meddling in the process.

Carlson asked: ‘So it’s Islamic countries, Muslim countries, that are more willing to accept Christian immigrant from Afghanistan than our State Department?’

Beck answered: ‘This country that I’m in, I begged them last night to let me tell them — tell the world who they are. They have more compassion for these Christians than our American government. It is insulting, embarrassing, and wrong.

‘So I believe what our government is doing now is out and out evil.’

Beck also spoke with Sen. Tom Cotten (R-AR) who indicated that he’d heard similar unbelievable reports of the State Department trying to stop flights, even a British flight with Brits trying to get out their Afghan allies.


I previously reported about how the State Department booted 500 Afghan interpreters and other Special Immigrant Visa holders after they had made it into the airport. This, even as some planes were going out with largely empty seats. It’s not clear if any of those people got out.

So this isn’t just a problem of Joe Biden being derelict in his duty here and not doing enough, there is actual active blocking of people trying to save people here. There needs to be answers as to why they would do such a horrible thing immediately because the time is running out and every action like this costs lives.


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