Leave It to Michael Moore: Filmmaker Compares Taliban to Capitol Rioters

Leave It to Michael Moore: Filmmaker Compares Taliban to Capitol Rioters
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Yep, leave it to Michael Moore. The irrelevant, left-wing documentary filmmaker has a long history of making idiotic comments that even he should know are ridiculous, so why wouldn’t he compare brutal Islamist terrorists who have been known to burn women alive for showing their hair in public and take 12-year-old girls as their “wives,” to Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6?

Yet, that’s exactly what the Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome-riddled Moore did on Sunday with a series of ridiculous tweets, which included “cute” little trademark Michael Moore delusional musings.

Exhibit 1:

Their Taliban, our Taliban, everybody’s got a Taliban. They’re at their best when they confiscate the halls of power.

Cute, huh? And the pic? Oh, so clever.

To be fair, Jake Chansley — AKA: Jake Angeli, “The QAnon Shaman,” “Yellow Wolf” — the Arizona man who sported a horned hat and face paint during the siege, is a conspiracy-riddled wingnut, at worst.

But, is Angeli comparable to Taliban terrorists, Michael?

Dude, seriously — you need to eat another sack of McDonald’s Quarter Pounders with Cheese — it appears that your blood sugar level is a tad low. But Mikey wasn’t done.

Next up, as Breitbart noted, Moore defended the Taliban, calling the U.S. Military “the invaders.”

Kabul, Saigon.
The fall, once again.
America loses another war.
Our longest war.
“We’re #1!!”
We spent over $2 trillion.
We sacrificed over 2,300 American lives to invade a country where Bin Laden was never, nowhere, to be found. Bush said he had no interest in capturing him

…Obama’s team found him in a house just down the road from Pakistan’s “West Point”. Who woulda guessed!

WE are the invaders. The Taliban are not invaders — they’re Afghans — it’s their country! They’re religious nuts. We know what that looks like — we have our own!…

The bitterness, Michael — not becoming in the least.

The reality, Michael?

Last Tuesday, as Breitbart reported, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michele Bachelet denounced the Taliban for possible “war crimes and crimes against humanity,” including “deeply disturbing reports” of summary executions after government troops surrender, the beating and killing of civilian women, and escalating violence against children. Here’s a snippet, pal:

[T]he Taliban are going door-to-door in some areas, compiling lists of women and girls aged between 12 and 45 years for their fighters to forcibly marry.

Yep, Michael, didn’t you hate when the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol did the same thing?

Incidentally, the same guy who in March — in reference to COVID — said the Republican Party was trying to kill as many Americans as possible.

I’m for trying to make sure that as many of our fellow Americans get to live to see the summer and the fall, and Republicans are taking every opportunity they can to stop that from happening. What political party has as their message — we’re trying to kill as many Americans as possible — and think that they’re going to stay in office?

Look, as I’ve said several times in the article, Michael Moore and other left-wing loons like him are irrelevant to serious public discourse. The best part is their complete lack of self-awareness of that fact. So why bother to write about their idiocy, every once in a while? Partially, for amusement purposes.

But mostly to remind ourselves every now and then how truly delusional — and bitter — the far-left really is.

That, we must never forget.

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