Are You Ready for 'Zombie Fires'? Scientists Claim 'Climate Change' Causing 'Fires That Refuse to Die'

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That’s right, America. Zombie fires. Just like “real” zombies, zombie fires refuse to die. Or so I’m told. “According to scientists” — which is always the generic, “catch-all” reference when suggesting “whatever” is “settled science” — zombie fires are indeed real. And they’re created by… wait for it… “climate change.”


As reported by The New York Times, fires in far northern forests that smolder throughout the wet, cold winters and pop up again in the spring could become more common because of climate change. The Times cites a study published in the journal Nature last week which posits the theory that “overwintering fires” in boreal forests are associated with “hot summers caused by climate change.” (“Oddly,” I always thought hot summers were caused by weather.)

Via The Times:

Most of us think of forest fires as being contained within a single year. And for the most part, they are. But in the Arctic-boreal forests of Alaska, Siberia, Canada’s Northwest Territories and similar landscapes, fires can burn deep into the carbon-rich soil where they linger and lurk, often undetected.

“When you think about a forest fire, most people think about trees burning,” said Sander Veraverbeke, a researcher at VU Amsterdam and an author of the paper.

The phenomenon has remained somewhat mysterious. Rebecca C. Scholten, a researcher at VU Amsterdam and lead author of the paper, said that when she first set out to study what are also known by the less catchy term “overwintering” fires, “I was doubtful I was researching a phenomenon that exists.” Now, she said, she has ample evidence, and knows that “they are connected to climate change and they are happening more often.”


“What is cool about this paper is it is the first time that it’s been quantified,” said Merritt R. Turetsky, director of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado Boulder and an expert on peatlands and wildfire science. Dr. Turetsky did not take part in the new paper.

As described by New Scientist, “zombie fires” may be becoming more common.

CNN being CNN (You know; that whole “The Most Trusted Name in News” thing) headlined its recent “report” thusly:

‘Zombie fires’ are already smoldering in the Arctic. They could become more common as the planet warms

(“Already smoldering,” as in it was only a matter of time, given “the existential threat to mankind” that is now upon us. [rolling-eyes emoji])


As global temperatures rise, the once reliably frozen Arctic has seen a rash of massive wildfires in recent years.

And while biting winter cold and heavy snow are enough to eventually suppress most blazes, scientists say the right conditions can create fires that just will not die.

Like their undead namesakes, these so-called “zombie fires” are tough to kill.

Fed by fuel-rich soils in the Northern Hemisphere and subsisting on the meager oxygen available beneath the snow, zombie fires can smolder for months, long after flames above ground have been extinguished.

CNN quotes Sander Veraverbeke, as did The Times, who first suspected the phenomenon was causing wildfires several years ago.

“[T]hey warn that they could become a force for firefighters to reckon with, as human-caused climate change loads the dice in favor of the hot, dry conditions that can trigger large wildfires.

“We will have more of these extreme fire seasons, which also means that we will likely have more zombie fires. So even though it’s a relatively small percentage now, it’s likely that it may become more in the future.”

But, CNN? “The rest of the story?”

Still, it was unclear how widespread these zombie fires were — and whether they were becoming more frequent

In a new study published Wednesday in the journal Nature, lead author Rebecca Scholten of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, along with Veraverbeke and other co-authors, attempt to answer these questions.

Overall, they found that zombie fires are responsible for just a fraction of the land burned by fire in most years.


Isn’t this what the climate alarmists always do?

“Well, it might not be as bad right now as our hyperbolic histrionics would suggest, but just you wait! Just ask Al Gore! Wait— maybe don’t ask Al Gore. At least don’t ask Al about melting Arctic ice packs, mmkay?”

As we have seen with COVID and how the left has milked the ever-loving daylights out of it from the outset for the sole purpose of political expediency, “science” is simply one arrow in left’s disingenuous quiver; to be trotted out — or ignored — depending on when and if that particular bit of “science” supports the “official” narrative.

Just ask this hypocritical woman and she’ll tell — show — you all you need to know.

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