Those 12 'Lessons' From Andrew Cuomo's 'Leadership' Book That Haven't Aged Well at All?

Office of the NY Governor via AP

I haven’t had a chance to check out today’s latest news about embattled — and soon to be erstwhile — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Have I missed anything? One never knows, given the speed at which the Luv Guv’s political career swirls ever faster down the toilet.


However, I have checked out a couple of articles about Cuomo and his now infamous book.

While Cuomo’s arrogant, self-aggrandizing “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” was controversial when it first came out, his nursing home death-count scandal and subsequent efforts to cover it up, have led to renewed scrutiny of Luv Guv’s self-aggrandizing fairy-tale tome. Specifically, “lessons” from the book that have not aged well at all in light of Cuomo’s self-immolation.

Fox News on Tuesday highlighted 12 such passages. Among my favorite Cuomo “greatest hits”:

“I am frustrated by the incompetence of the government and distrustful of the motivations and ability of many politicians.” (page 11)

“It’s not my place to filter or edit the truth. The people of New York are not children, and I am not their father. In fact, I don’t even filter the truth for my kids. People will make the right judgment if they know the facts.”

As an elected official, I’m less worried about political consequences and more worried about the governmental consequences. At times, my father and I had both made the mistake of focusing on the immediate politics of a situation, and I would not make it again.” (page 36)

Donald Trump did not have the only microphone. I had one too. And I had something else: credibility.” (p. 93)

It still amazes and heartens me that people just wanted the truth, competence, and confidence from their leaders … It’s all about the details and achieving results, especially when it’s life or death, making the bureaucracy work… (page 174)

“I have learned something as I have gotten older. Ultimately, the truth wins out.” (page 223)

People who call themselves progressives must be examples of why Americans should trust us. …  If they fail [live up to] that or one reason or another, they set the progressive cause back and give Americans more of a reason to distrust us.” (pages 262-263)


You can read the remaining passages here.

Speechless? Of course, not. People of character and integrity not only make these sorts of observations about leadership; they also follow through and practice what they preach. But we’re not talking about those people; we’re talking about Andrew Cuomo.

Now, as reported by Just the News on Tuesday, Cuomo’s publisher has halted promotion of the book, citing the “nursing home inquiry.”

Gee, I wonder if Randy Andy’s book will be discontinued? Or perhaps eBay will attempt to stop sales of the book between private parties? Wait — that only happens to Dr. Seuss books. Never mind.

Then again, as “reported” by The Babylon Bee, the Luv Guv has another book out — this one a novel — which is right up his alley.

Hot New York Nights” has received boffo reviews, including from “The View” co-host Joy Behar, who gushed: “He can throw me in a nursing home anytime!”

In the latest real Cuomo news, as reported by The New York Post on Tuesday, Kumiki Gibson — the besieged governor’s top lawyer — announced she is leaving his administration after less than two years on the job. And on Monday, Republicans in the New York State Assembly drafted an impeachment resolution.


Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay said during a news conference at which he announced the impeachment resolution:

“There’s been one bombshell after another. I don’t think I’ve used the term bombshell, especially this weekend, anytime more in my life.”

“We’re going to introduce this resolution because we believe the time has come,” said Barclay. Indeed it has. And I can’t wait to watch coverage of the impeachment on CNN.

“The Most Trusted Name in News,” they call themselves. You know, Fredo’s network.



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