Experts Say Biden Climate Policy on Track: Who They Say It Will Benefit Should Anger ALL Americans

Experts Say Biden Climate Policy on Track: Who They Say It Will Benefit Should Anger ALL Americans
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Joe Biden is one efficient guy. On his first day in office, “blue-collar Joe” managed to kill the jobs of 11,000 unionized Keystone XL Pipeline workers, walk back a major American commitment to Canada, and slap a serious question mark on the future of U.S. oil independence — and that’s just for starters.

In contrast, in Donald Trump’s final month in office, for the first time in 35 years, America didn’t import a single barrel of crude oil from Saudi Arabia. Whether or not our friends on the left give credit to Trump is immaterial; facts are facts and numbers are numbers.

Global crude oil prices were under $50 a gallon and the average price of gas was roughly $2.30 at the end of December. Just 30 days into Biden’s “job,” global crude had jumped to $65 a barrel, and the price of gas had climbed to an average of $2.72 per gallon.

All Biden’s fault? Of course not, particularly given various geopolitical events. Did his day-one attack on the Keystone XL Project, ominous warnings about climate change as “the existential threat of our time,” rejoining of the disastrous Paris Agreement, and signal after signal that his climate and energy policies would be a hard turn to the left play a major role?

Oh hell yeah.

As I suggested above, energy prices depend on a variety of geopolitical factors; the worldwide COVID pandemic among them. However, as reported by Just the News, there is growing consensus among economists that any number of Biden’s policies are likely to put the breaks on manufacturing growth, drive up the cost of energy, and have a significant negative impact on the job market — particularly the blue-collar job market — as Biden continues to do the bidding of the environmentalist left.

Heritage Foundation economist Steve Moore, a former advisor to Trump, believes the combination of Biden’s energy and climate plans “really exposed this schism between the blues and the greens in the Democratic Party,” adding: “The whole green agenda, it turns out, is anti-blue-collar industrial workers.”

Incidentally, that should shock no one who has even of a modicum of understanding of the Democrat Party. Democrats have ridden to power on the backs of America’s trade unions and their rank-and-file workers for decades, and let’s be clear: Biden has no qualms about throwing blue-collar workers under the bus in deference to environmentalist extremists the nanosecond it becomes politically advantageous to do so — which is exactly what he on his first day occupying in the White House.

Which is exactly what Democrats do in every case. Doubt it? Ask a high school girl who just got her ass kicked on the track by a boy who thinks he’s a girl what she thinks about the priorities of the left and how quickly they can change.

Moore also had no doubt that Biden’s policies will be a yuuge benefit to the oil-dependent economies of Russia, Saudi Arabia, and… wait for it… Iran, as the price of crude continues to increase to upwards of $70 per barrel.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the irony of the Russia collusion nonsense was that there was no one who hurt Russia more than Trump and his America-first energy policies. Russia really is nothing more than a third-world country, with oil and gas. Trump’s pro-America energy policies were a disaster for Russia, and the truth is Biden is a godsend for Russia.”

Economist and author Peter Navarro, who served as Trump’s director of trade and manufacturing policy, couldn’t agree more, dunking on the Democrats as he did so.

“From both a foreign policy and energy policy perspective, you couldn’t create a better American president for Russia than Joe Biden. And it is ironic, given all the crap they threw at President Trump on Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) said on Monday he is concerned about not only the impact of Biden’s energy and climate policies while he’s in office, but in the long term, as well, including a rebalancing of the energy market — away from U.S sources and towards Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

“In the name of climate change and in cradling the progressive, far left of our country, we are doing away with domestic production of oil. And then we’re going to be forced as a country to purchase that from countries that are not our friends and allies. It makes absolutely no sense.”

And of course, as Steube suggested, the lapdog liberal media will fly wingman for Biden and the Democrats, the entire time.

“The mainstream media is not going to talk about how the Biden administration is helping out Russia, by the things that they’re doing as it relates to oil and gas. They’re not going to talk about it.”

There will undoubtedly be more to come, none of which will be first and foremost for the benefit of hardworking Americans.

On the contrary, it will be Biden and the Democrats doing the bidding of climate alarmists, the anti-fossil-fuel crowd, and whomever else deemed necessary; solely for the sake of political expediency.

The Babylon Bee — the best satire site on the planet, IMHO opinion, “reported” on the situation, perfectly.

“When confronted with the question of how Americans will afford to get around with $100-per-gallon gas, as “reported” by The Bee, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested they stay home and eat some ice cream instead.”

Incidentally, this headline from my Sunday article tells you all you need to know about the Democrat Party’s collective mindset on climate change: Shameful Schumer Goes There, Rips Storm-Torn Texas: They ‘Ignored Climate Change, I Hope They Learned a Lesson’

As of Tuesday morning, that “lesson” included the deaths of nearly 80 people.

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas, anymore. Not even close.

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