David Limbaugh Urges 'Dejected' Republicans: 'Never Give Up!' To Paraphrase Hillary, Will It Make a Difference if 'We' Don't?

David Limbaugh Urges 'Dejected' Republicans: 'Never Give Up!' To Paraphrase Hillary, Will It Make a Difference if 'We' Don't?
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Attorney, author, and “first brother of conservatism,” David Limbaugh has a message for Republicans who are dejected and pessimistic over the outcome of the 2020 presidential election — regardless of how that outcome was achieved: With or without Donald Trump, “Trumpism” is alive and well, and it will continue into the 2024 election and beyond.

That is, Limbaugh admonished, in a New Year’s Day op-ed, if we “never give up!”

Limbaugh began with a reference to his former book, “Guilty By Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win,” in which he argued that the radical left is an existential threat to the American Republic. Given that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will presumably take office in less than three weeks, Limbaugh frames his op-ed around a very simple but also very stark question for conservatives:

So now what?

As for Biden, Limbaugh argues that it makes no difference whether he is a “centrist,” or whatever label one chooses to slap on him. What does matter, Limbaugh warns, is Biden’s growing mental incapacity makes his political positions a “moot point.”

“As long as he is titular president, some invisible committee, one of whose central members is likely former President Barack Obama, will be orchestrating his every move.

“But it will be shocking if Biden, once sworn in, remains in office very long. In one of his unforced gaffes, he casually acknowledged having told ‘Barack’ that, while he and Harris agree on most things, if a disagreement on moral principle arises, he will ‘develop some disease” and resign.'”

The Democrat power brokers, “pulling the strings in this Manchurian horror show,” Limbaugh said, “achieved a ‘double coup’ in the 2020 election:

“They managed to arrange Biden’s out-of-nowhere victory over the popular — but unelectable in a general election — Bernie Sanders.

“They snuck in the wildly unpopular Kamala Harris as vice presidential candidate under the Biden cover.”

Toss in the TDS-riddled “mainstream” media — already up to its Trump-loathing eyeballs in doing its damnedest to torpedo his re-election — who dutifully all but read nighty-night stories to Biden while he clutched his nigh-nigh blankie, and its ridiculous attempt to portray Willie’s chew toy, Kamala Harris, as a “pragmatic moderate,” and there you have it.

So, given the current state of the liberal sock-puppet media, the extremism on the left, and the ongoing radicalization of the Democrat Party, “American patriots can’t be blamed for being scared out of their wits about what appears to be coming,” Limbaugh wrote.

In reference to his aforementioned book, Limbaugh pointed to a paragraph from chapter one, about which he said he “stands by every word.”

“Well-meaning people say Republicans and Democrats have the same fundamental goals but different ideas and strategies for achieving them. I’ve always regarded this as wishful thinking, but if it were ever true, it no longer is today.

“The two parties, as presently constituted, have distinctly different visions for America based on conflicting worldviews.

“Some will object that all Americans want everyone to be prosperous, safe, free, and to live in harmony, but I’m not sure that’s even true anymore, given the left’s anti-Americanism, its intolerance and authoritarianism, its romance with socialism…

“… its hysterical environmentalism, its preoccupation with identity politics, its radicalism on race and gender, its attempts to erase our borders, its culture of death, its devaluation of the Constitution, its hostility to Second Amendment rights, and much more.”

For those reasons and others, Limbaugh argues that despite feelings of dejection and pessimism, now is not the time for conservatives to give up hope. On the contrary, he suggests there are reasons for optimism among America’s conservatives — principal among them that Donald Trump broke the mold and proved it could be done.

President Trump showed that an outsider actually can win the presidency and advance a constructive agenda against nearly overwhelming resistance. He single-handedly transformed the Republican Party into a far more efficient and effective policy vehicle. His very presence smoked out the radicalism, authoritarianism, corruption, destructiveness, and utter meanness of the left. […]

Trump presented a template for how the Republican Party should and can expand its base, and how it should push its own agenda every bit as aggressively as the Democrats do theirs, without the cheating and lawlessness.

He inspired tens of millions of Americans with his unflagging patriotism, with his defense and promotion of this country and its interests. The enthusiasm at his rallies was no accident, and it will not diminish but rather surely increase.

What will become of ‘Trumpism’?

Limbaugh believes strongly that “Trumpism” will be alive and well in the Republican Party, long after Trump is gone.

“Our side is fired up like never before, and the Republican Party will likely remain the party of Trumpism, even when Trump ceases to lead it. There will not be another Trump — but there doesn’t need to be, as long as the next GOP president largely follows his policy agenda (apart from spending, which we desperately need to rein in), adopts his template for fiercely fighting for that agenda, and continues to expose and proactively fight against the tyranny of leftist media and social media.”

“I also choose to see a dim silver lining in the rampant presidential election corruption, Limbaugh said, as he neared the end.

“Going forward, Republicans could use it to fuel election reform and scrutiny. If nothing else, people’s eyes are now wide open and will remain so.”

“Heading into the new year, he admonished, “let’s do our best to not be dejected and pessimistic but committed and resolved to redouble our efforts to reclaim America’s greatness from those who are on a mission to eliminate it. Never give up!”

Amen to David Limbaugh.

Personally speaking, “Never give up!” does not include burning the Republican Party to the ground on the way out the door, flicking off the lights, and saying “to hell with it.” Just sayin’.

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