Anybody Have 'Jim Acosta Is a Real Life Superhero' on Your 2020 Bingo Card? Me Neither

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In this episode of “The Most Trusted Name in News™”…

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, this happens. And by “this,” I mean someone actually calling CNN presidential ankle-biter Jim Acosta a “superhero.” And meaning it. We’ll get to who that someone is in a minute, but Jimbo. “Deary Diary” Jim. A “superhero.” Tough one to wrap your head around, ain’t it?

Our story begins on Tuesday afternoon, when White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was leaving the podium after another round of fun with the mostly-TDS-riddled White House press corps, when the little dweeb from The Most Trusted Name in News™ began to nip at her ankles, after she had burned Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-POMPOUS) to a charcoal briquette over his hypocritical “bang-bang with Fang Fang” scandal — principally because the liberal lapdog media avoids Swally’s “encounter” with a Chinese spy like Michael Moore avoids a Weight Watchers Convention.

Here’s how that went.

PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor apparently thought Acosta’s attempt to bully Mcenany as she left the room was worthy of quoting in a tweet. (Try to contain your shock and amazement.)

“Isn’t it hypocritical of you to to accuse others of disinformation when you spread it everyday?” [sic]

Yup, Yamiche, that was Pulitzer Prize-worthy journalisming right there.

Oh where to begin. First, Jim Acosta — of all people — accusing anyone of being a hypocrite is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Then toss in his accusation that Kayleigh McEnany “spreads disinformation every day,” and there you have it; Jimbo “Dear Diary” Acosta.

The Twitchy Team wasn’t impressed with Acosta’s effort, either.

So now for the “mystery” admirer.

In response to Acosta’s rude treatment of McEnany, liberal activist Scott Dworkin, co-founder and lead investigator of the Democratic Coalition, which established the ignominious Impeachment Task Force (and is the official hood ornament of the Trump Derangement Syndrome clown car), called Acosta a “real-life superhero.”

“Pro Libertate” wasn’t impressed — given that it was “grifter” Dworkin who called Jimbo a superhero. Besides, the Twitter user said of Acosta:

“Coming from a grifter like you, it’s no compliment. Acosta is a rude, narcissistic moron, & is no real journalist. He’s the king of disinformation & a shill for the Democrat party.”

Nicely done. He hit most of the salient points that make Jim Acosta Jim Acosta. We’ll just go ahead and put Pro Libertate down as a “maybe” for Jimbo.

“BigD4DJT” wasn’t aware of any superpowers Jimbo possesses that qualify him for the distinction — other than being a “douchebag,” that is.

Finally, Todd Cefaratti summed it up, for me.

CNN… The Most Trusted Name in News™.

H/T ~ Twitchy

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