Really, Joe? Cleaning Crew in 'Hazmat Suits' To 'Exorcise Any Trace of Team Trump' in White House After Inauguration

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It wouldn’t be crazy at all if, assuming Joe Biden is inaugurated as president of the United States on January 20, a cleaning team in hazmat suits descended on the White House on Inauguration Day with instructions to “exorcise any trace of Team Trump” prior to the Bidens moving in, including replacing doorknobs and disinfecting the entire property, right?


Good. I didn’t think so, either. [sarc]

But as reported by the Daily Mail on Sunday, that — and more — is exactly what will happen. Biden has ordered that the 55,000 sq. ft. White House be “deep-cleaned” and “exorcised of any trace of Trump” after his inauguration, but is “insisting” that the 132-room mansion be “thoroughly disinfected” before he and pretend-Dr. Jill move in.

White House historian Kate Andersen Brower told the Daily Mail that her staff will “clean or replace” everything.

“There is a five-hour window between presidents. That’s when 95 staff will have to pack up all the Trump possessions and move the Bidens in. They will clean or replace everything. The incoming president and first lady get to choose their new furniture from a secret warehouse.”

The Daily Mail reported that the cleaning team will wear hazmat suits to clean the property upon Trump’s departure. The cleaners will thoroughly disinfect the entire property, which will reportedly include removing furniture, doorknobs — and even carpets.

Needless to say, the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd was giddy about the “news.”


While it’s a given that incoming First Families redecorate the White House with their respective tastes, unlike previous White House transitions, there’s a difference in 2020; and that difference is not only COVID but the Bidens’ fear of the virus lingering in the White House after the Trumps move out, a Biden transition team member told the Daily Mail.

“Mr. Trump’s administration has been riddled with the coronavirus. The Bidens are taking no chances.

“The entire property will be deep-cleaned down to replacing doorknobs and taking down soft furnishings.

“The virus can linger on hard surfaces so the entire residence and executive offices will be wiped clean with disinfectant to exorcise any trace of Team Trump.”

In very-much-related news, the New York Times reported on Sunday that members of the West Wing staff have been told they are scheduled to receive COVID vaccinations “soon.”

White House staff members who work in close quarters with President Trump have been told they are scheduled to receive injections of the coronavirus vaccine soon, at a time when the first doses of the vaccine are being distributed only to high-risk health care workers, according to two sources familiar with the distribution plans.

The goal of distributing the vaccine inside the West Wing is to prevent additional government officials from falling ill in the final weeks of the Trump administration. The hope is to eventually distribute the vaccine to everyone who works in the White House, but will begin with some of the most senior people who work around the president, one of the people said.


As The NYT noted, the White House has seen multiple waves of coronavirus cases over the last several months. President Trump and First Lady Melania, along with a half-dozen advisors, tested positive for the virus at end of September and the beginning of October.

Several weeks later, a handful of members of Vice President Mike Pence’s staff tested positive, including Chief of Staff Marc Short.

A third wave hit the West Wing following Trump’s election night party at the White House, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and several other Trump advisors.

This Twitter user took a shot at The Most Trusted Name in News™ [sarc] after CNN speculated about a deep-clean of the White House after Team Trump moves out.

As to the vaccine, The NYT reported that the first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine left a facility in Michigan early Sunday, with UPS and FedEx teaming up to ship them to all 50 states for distribution. A White House spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

Final thoughts.

To be fair, I understand the COVID concerns of soon-to-be-78-year-old Joe Biden, his family, and his staff, particularly given that Shufflin’ Joe often looks feeble at best.

But was it really necessary to go to the fawning media with all such talk of “hazmat suits,” “thoroughly disinfecting,” and ripping up carpeting and replacing doorknobs? To tell a “home team” media outlet that your plan is to “exorcise” all traces of Trump?


Why it was “almost” like the Biden transition team member was speaking metaphorically. “Almost” like she was speaking for Biden himself.

“Almost” like, by referring to “exorcising any trace of Team Trump,” she was referring to erasing all history and record of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Surely that’s not what Team Biden wishes it could do, right? Nah, of course not.


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