Minneapolis City Council Geniuses Battle Soaring Violent Crime by Voting Unanimously to Slash $8M From Police Budget

The Minneapolis City Council continues to beclown itself as violent crime continues to rage in the city nearly six months after George Floyd died while in the custody of city police.


Apparently “forgetting” that just last month it approved a plan to bring in outside police officers to help quell the soaring violence — made necessary in part by city cops taking early retirement or suffering from PTSD as a result of months of rioting — the City Council on Thursday voted unanimously to slash 8 million dollars from the police department’s budget, as reported by the New York Post. Can you spell “g-e-n-i-u-s-e-s n-o-t”?

As the Post reported, the department’s $179 million budget was cut by $8 million, which the City Council will moronically funnel into other city services, including mental health teams to respond to some 911 calls instead of police officers and the always-very-effective [sarc] “violence prevention programs,” as part of its equally-moronic effort to “transform” public safety in a city that saw anarchists destroy lives and businesses in the aftermath of Floyd’s death.

This is the same Minneapolis City Council, mind you, that I wrote about in a September article titled After Months of Demonizing the Police & Violent Crime on the Rise, Minneapolis City Council Asks: ‘Where Are the Police?


So the geniuses on the City Council thought that the best way to solve the “Where are the police?” problem was to slash eight million dollars from the police department’s budget; just one more of its brilliant morale-building moments in support of Minneapolis’s finest.

Hapless Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey lauded the slash to the police department budget by spinning the ever-loving crap out of it.

“We all share a deep and abiding reverence for the role our local government plays in service of the people of our city. And today, there are good reasons to be optimistic about the future in Minneapolis.”

Uh-huh, mayor. You mean “optimistic” like Minneapolis residents who in early November sued your city over your ridiculous “reimagined” police department?

To Frey’s credit, as reported by the Post, after the ignorant City Council members voted to slash the number of police officers on the force from 888 to 750, he threatened to veto the entire budget if they did so.

Check out this ridiculous statement from City Council member Steve Fletcher, who co-authored the proposal to lower the cap on police officers to 750:


“Tonight the City Council passed a budget that represents a compromise, and also a big step forward into a more compassionate and effective public safety future. We cannot afford to remain stuck in the past forever.”

Just me, or are these clowns living in some Shangri-La pipe dream in their woke heads?

So here’s the other thing. It’s not just the members of the City Council who are out to lunch. More than 300 Minneapolis residents signed up to speak at a Wednesday hearing, including supporters of the council’s “Safety for All” plan, many of whom denounced police officers as “cowards,” “white supremacists,” and “terrorists,” among other “superlatives.” One resident said:

“The place I grew up this summer burned. And it burned because of police misconduct.”

Of course, it didn’t. It burned because Antifa anarchists Black Lives Matter Marxists co-opted protests over Floyd’s death and did their best to destroy your city, fool.


Meanwhile, as the Post reported:

There have been 532 gunshot victims so far this year as of last Thursday — more than double the same period a year ago.

Violent Carjackings are up 537 percent from the same period last year.

Violent crimes have surged to 5,100, compared with just over 4,000 for the same period in 2019.

Obviously, if the $8 million in cuts to the Minneapolis Police Department doesn’t stop “all of the above” dead in its tracks, the geniuses on the City Council will be forced to slash the department’s budget even more.

That, and get the mayor to agree on slashing the number of cops on the force, as well.


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