Anti-Lockdown Experts Drop by Megyn Kelly's Podcast to Shred Fauci: 'Really Does Seem Blind to the Harms of the Lockdown'

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As my RedState colleague, Scott Hounsell reported earlier today, Joe Biden announced on Wednesday morning that he will “sign an executive order to mandate masks everywhere I can.” Same Joe Biden of course who lied claimed he wouldn’t sign a mask mandate, then he said he would, then he said he wouldn’t, then he said…


As COVID has reportedly “spiked” across the country, Biden has also flip-flopped on whether he’d [try to] mandate a national lockdown — which he’d play hell trying to do. (Draconian dictator of The People’s Republic of California, Gavin Newsom furiously nodding in approval — just before heading out the door to another private party at an exclusive restaurant.)

As reported by the Daily Wire, two health experts behind a petition supporting a targeted public policy approach to combating the COVID pandemic, on Monday fired back at Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has criticized the approach.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford and Dr. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard, two of the doctors behind The Great Barrington Declaration — which was designed to avoid the personal impact, as well as the disastrous economic impact we’ve experienced, compliments of the Gavin Newsoms and Gretchen Whitmers of America — hooked up with [don’t go there] now-independent journalist Megyn Kelly on her Monday podcast, titled COVID Truth on Lockdowns, Vaccines and Schools, with the Great Barrington Declaration Doctors.


Kulldorff told Kelly that while Fauci is an “esteemed immunologist,” he is not the infectious diseases expert he claims to be. As a result, Kulldorff said, Fauci has made numerous “erroneous statements” that have contributed to “reduced trust in public health.”

“Dr. Fauci is an esteemed immunologist, but in infectious diseases there are different areas of expertise. If you want to decide how to deal with a pandemic at the population level, then you need to know about infectious disease outbreaks and how they operate in society and how it spreads from person to person, sort of the population dynamics.

“And you need to know the infectious-disease epidemiology, and that is something that I have been studying for many decades, but it is not an area of expertise of Dr. Fauci.

“It is surprising to me that he makes such statements on the epidemiology of the pandemic, which, to be honest, he has made a number of erroneous statements on this aspect. So that reduces the trust in public health again when people hear that and then realize that that was wrong.”

Exactly. Not that Fauci has been the proverbial Lone Ranger in making erroneous statements about COVID, but of course conflicting statements — from “experts” and politicians alike — have damaged the trust of millions of Americans.

So how have Fauci’s erroneous and conflicting statements over the months impacted him? He’s become the official COVID mascot of the Democrat Party and its lapdog media — and soon to be the hood ornament on Sleepy Joe Biden’s COVID clown car.


“I think he just doesn’t understand it. I mean he’s characterized it as a strategy of letting [the virus] rip,” Bhattacharya told Kelly.

“That’s just a complete mischaracterization and in a way it makes me really sad because I do respect him as a leader in immunology, so to hear him mischaracterize these ideas which involve protecting vulnerable people and thinking carefully about the harms of the lockdown and what that implies to write policy. I think is just a great mistake on his part.”

Bhattacharya explained Fauci’s mischaracterization of the declaration.

“One thing I’ve noticed in [Fauci’s] thinking is he really does seem to be blind to the harms of the lockdown. I mean we’ve talked about the depression, we’ve talked about the starvation in developing countries as a consequence of the economic damage of the lockdown.

We haven’t talked so much, but there is also medical damage from people delaying cancer care because people are more scared of COVID than cancer,” Bhattacharya said. “I mean, I think all of these harms should enter into our policy calculus, and when Dr. Fauci talks, I never hear him thinking about those harms in a way that is meaningful.”

That’s pretty damning stuff, isn’t it?

If these two anti-lockdown medical experts are right, why does Fauci remain clueless? Perhaps the questions are rhetorical, given what we know about Tony Fauci.

As I reported prior to Thanksgiving, an “impassioned” Fauci made what he called a “final plea” to all of America to “sacrifice” Turkey Day in the name of COVID.


After Thanksgiving, like clockwork, as reported by my RedState colleague streiff, Fauci tried to cancel Christmas, as well, telling CNN’s Jake Tapper [rolling-eyes emoji], “Christmas is probably not gonna be possible.”

Yeah, no, Dr. Fauci. Christmas it will be in the Miller household — and a mask-less Christmas at that. Oh, and Tony? I’m gonna go ahead and put my money on Dr. Jay Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford and Dr. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard in this one.

Perhaps you will as well at some point, although I wonder how much more damage will be done to the lives of millions of Americans before that happens — if ever.

Here’s the entire podcast.


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