Election Expert Tells Mark Levin Biden Win Not 'Impossible,' Then Tosses in the 'Very Strange' Stuff That Had to Happen if He Did

In this week’s installment of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” pollster and election expert Patrick Basham tells host Mark Levin that while it’s not “statistically impossible” that Joe Biden won the presidential election, it is “statistically implausible” that he did so.


First, a bit of background.

In a recent op-ed for The Spectator titled Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling, Basham wrote that he has no problem being labeled “a crank” or called a “conspiracy theorist” for his belief that the election results don’t square.

“To say out-loud that you find the results of the 2020 presidential election odd is to invite derision. You must be a crank or a conspiracy theorist. Mark me down as a crank, then.”

“I am a pollster and I find this election to be deeply puzzling,” Basham continued.

Something very strange happened in America’s democracy in the early hours of Wednesday November 4 and the days that followed. It’s reasonable for a lot of Americans to want to find out exactly what.”

Basham explained to Levin what that “very strange” something was.

“If we are to accept that Biden won, against the trend of all these non-polling metrics, it not only means that one of these metrics was inaccurate this time, for the first time ever. It means that each one of these metrics was wrong for the first time and at the same time as all the others. It is not statistically impossible, but it is statistically implausible.”


Levin tweeted a promo for the show, along with a clip of the Basham interview, which airs at 8:00 p.m. EDT on Sunday.

One thing Basham finds troubling is the number of votes Biden received — which currently stands at more than 81 million — as a challenger, particularly given that he did poorly across the country; “except where it absolutely mattered,” that is.

“He was the challenger. He has apparently, allegedly received more votes than any candidate for president in American history. And yet he has done very, very poorly in most of the country, except where it absolutely mattered.”

“It’s reasonable” for Americans to want to find out what happened,” Basham wrote. That is correct, for multiple reasons, and the sooner the better if Basham’s “implausible” scenario did play out, given that the clock continues to tick.

One of those Americans who still insists she not only has evidence to prove why at least “some things happened,” but also that she has more than enough time left to prove it, is attorney Sidney Powell, who returned to NewsMax TV on Friday night — two weeks after she told Newsmax that she had “biblical” evidence — to talk about even more “evidence,” including “bags of shredded ballots,” and “pre-marked Biden votes.”


Is “time to put up or shut up” appropriate, here?

In other post-election news, Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) on Friday introduced legislation proposing the “You Must Be Alive to Vote Act,” which would hold counties accountable for cross-checking their voter lists with Social Security recipients list, and subsequently purging “dead voters” from their lists, subject to the withholding of federal funds.


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