They Don't Even Try to Hide Their Bias Anymore: WaPo Asks Congressional Republicans 3 Questions to Prove It

The Democrat State Media have always vigorously insisted they’re not biased against Republicans and conservative causes, or at least they have tried to hide it a bit as best they could — except for The Most Trusted Name in News ™ and PMSNBC, that is.


That was then, this is now.

During the Age of Trump, the liberal media sock puppets not only no longer try pretend they’re not biased — in what they publish, not what they say — they’re actually proud of their blatant bias — to the point of believing they wear a badge of honor on their collective puffed-out chests, to prove their Trump-hating chops for all the world to see.

Case in Point:

The Washington Post on Thursday tweeted three questions to Congressional Republicans, almost demanding that they not only answer them but that they answer them post-haste.

The Post is asking every Republican member of Congress the same three questions today. We will report back their answers.

Who won the 2020 Presidential Election?

Do You Oppose or Support Donald Trump’s Continuing Efforts to Claim Victory?

If Joe Biden Wins a Majority of Electoral College Votes, Will You Accept Him as the Legitimately Elected President of the United States?

“We will report back with the answers.” Oh hell yeah they’ll “report” back with the answers.

So here we have a once-great American newspaper actually believing that playing a blatant game of “Gotcha!” with Republican members of Congress — and most importantly, “reporting” their responses — somehow qualifies as “journalism.” This is just one example of how low the “mainstream” media has sunk in the Age of Trump.


Saul Alinsky would be proud.

Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is the owner’s manual of the Left. Check out rule #13, and see if WaPo’s little “three questions for Congressional Republicans” is an example.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.


The Truth is WaPo doesn’t give a damn about the answers — from a news perspective. What it, and the rest of the liberal media do care about, and care about a lot, is targeting and freezing Donald Trump, and isolating him from the rest of the Republican Party.

Even better, WaPo believes — and correctly so — that it can polarize the Republican Party by “forcing” Congressional Republicans to show their hand for all the world to see, by pitting them against one another, and most importantly, pitting as Republican lawmakers against Trump. Crafty little devils, aren’t they?

Let’s hop into the Wayback Machine and travel all the way back to the results of the 2016 presidential election. Remember?  Hillary Clinton and the Republicans were convinced that Donald Trump stole the presidency from its rightful heir — as Nancy Pelosi called Hillary, “the most qualified person in the history of the country to be president of the United States”, or something to that effect. Hillary herself whined at the time and is still whining today about the 4,869 reasons she was underhandedly denied her ascension to her rightful throne.


The Democrat Party and its liberal media lapdogs called Donald Trump an “illegitimate president” — and many still do.

But “oddly,” I don’t remember the Washington Post — the “Democracy Dies in Darkness” folks — asking Congressional Democrats those same three questions — or even one of them.

Neither do these folks.

It’s baffling, isn’t it? Why would a bastion of Pulitzer Prize-worthy journalism like the Washington Post “forget” to ask these same questions of Democrat lawmakers in 2016?

Oh – wait.

A slight correction to the above tweet is in order.

The Democrats and their liberal media stooges starting working to make sure Donald Trump would be a one-term president a nanosecond after he was declared the winner over the most qualified person in the universe to become president of the United States.


The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds, America. Even when it’s gussied up as pretend journalism. And as to WaPo’s dopey question? I suggest that every Republican member of Congress ignore them.

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