Chelsea Handler Brags About 'Assaulting Racist Conservatives' in Airports in Bizarre Segment on 'The View'

If you’re ever inclined to make a list of Trump-loathing Hollywood leftists, don’t forget to include “comedian” Chelsea Handler and at least three hosts of “The View” on your list. As luck would have it, this article is about why both have earned a spot on said list.


On one hand, you have to hand it to the irrelevant Handler for continuing to make headlines, I guess. On the other hand, why she makes headlines is another story.

Such was the case during an appearance on “The View” on Wednesday, when the card-carrying member of the Democrat Party — AKA: “The party of tolerance” — bragged to Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar & Co. about accosting “racist conservatives” in airports.

As reported by NewsBusters, the hosts of “The View” were eager to have Handler on the show this week after she publicly called out former boyfriend 50 Cent for announcing his support for Donald Trump — we’ll get to that in a few minutes. Handler being Handler, she lived up to her reputation with flying colors.

At one point in the segment, co-host Joy Behar asked Handler how therapy helped her deal with her “rage against Trump,” saying she could “use a few tips” herself. The “comedian” explained how she used to “lose it” and “assault” people watching Fox News.

“Oh my God. Well, I would walk into the airports, I would go to the first class lounge, check in and then run over to the Fox News section and start assaulting people. Like, I would go in and be, like, you’re a racist, and then I would run out, and then I would run back in and go, do you want your daughter to have rights because she won’t, and then I would run out. Then I would run back into the Fox News section and I would go, are you still a racist?

“I mean, I was out of my tree, and my level of outrage was just not — I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was just — my veins were throbbing and I wanted to learn how to talk to Trump supporters or conservatives at this time in 2016. Now Trump supporters, I don’t have anything to say to them anymore at this juncture, but I wanted to be able to have the conversations that I was being prevented from having because of my anger.

“So that really was the way to get into therapy and then I realized my anger, yes, I hate Donald Trump. Yes, I find him to be a white supremacist and I find all of his policies to be abhorrent, but my real anger was something that happened to me as a child that I had never dealt with. When we don’t deal with our injuries, they creep up on us and tap us on the shoulder when we least expect it.”


Ah, there it is. Handler’s deranged, out-of-control anger at Trump and his supporters was the fault of “something that happened to me as a child.” Right. Let’s run with that. Isn’t it awesome how some people can twist their own bizarre behavior to the point of painting themselves as victims? Perhaps I’m biased, but this is particular “quality” of the Left.

So back to 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson. Handler related a conversation she had with Jackson about his announcement that he was supporting Trump, claiming that he was “wasn’t serious” and was “just screwing around on Twitter,” which was not how she earlier explained the situation to “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon— which follows the below explanation she presented on “The View.”

“He called me the other night, two nights ago. We spoke for about a half an hour, and I, you know, I texted him. I DM-d him and I said, can you please call me about this? I don’t want this to be public because I want to know if you are serious about supporting Trump.

“So he called me and he wasn’t serious. He was just screwing around on his Twitter. He is supporting Joe Biden. He made that very clear to me, and he said that I was able to tell you girls and tell any other press I did that he is supporting Joe Biden. So — and then we talked and, you know, had a cute little conversation.

“I did promise, you know, to pay his taxes and then I found out it’s illegal to pay somebody to vote for your candidate. So I offered him another form of payment and we’ll see if he takes me up on it, but I don’t have to pay him. He’s already a Biden supporter.”


As I said, based on Handler’s conversation with Fallon, it was obvious she thought Jackson was serious about his support for Trump, which she said she told him can’t happen — and the reason was unadulterated racist.

“I had to remind him that he’s a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump and that he shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook. So I haven’t heard back from him yet but I’m willing to seal the deal in more ways than one if he changes his mind and publicly denounces Donald Trump. I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I mean.”

Reminds me of the punchline of an old joke: “We’ve already established that; we’re just quibbling over price.”

How many times have we seen this line of “reasoning” on the Left?

Black people are supposed to vote Democrat by virtue of the color of their skin. Women are supposed to vote Democrat — by virtue of their gender. Members of the LGBTQ community are supposed to vote Democrat — by virtue of their sexual preference. (Take a hike, Mazie Hirono; that’s exactly the proper term). And if they refuse to do so? They are to be castigated, ridiculed, and ruined if necessary — for refusing to live on the liberal plantation.


In other Hollywood Looney Tunes news, as I reported yesterday in an article titled Bette Midler Goes Off the Rails Even More Than Usual; Asks God to ‘Let Biden’ Beat ‘Racist Criminal’ Trump, has-been Bette Midler actually beseeched God Almighty to intervene in next week’s presidential election and “let Joe Biden win.” She then thanked God, presumably believing he would grant her request.

Not to be outdone, as I reported in an article titled Comedy Gold: Cher Stumps for ‘Joe’ Cuz He’s ‘Gonna Get the Freedoms Back’ That Trump Took Away From You, America, Midler’s also-has-been pal Cher hilariously stumped for Biden at Las Vegas rally last Saturday, promising America that “Joe’s gonna get the freedoms back” that Trump took away — as he “ripped the guts out of America.”

Hollywood. So entertaining. Just not for the reasons their smugs selves think they are.


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