Got TDS? Bitter Leftists Even Trash Trump for Putting Wad of Cash in Church Collection Bucket

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During President Donald Trump’s trip to Nevada for a rally on Sunday, he attended service at the International Church of Las Vegas. Pastor Marc Goulet led his congregation in prayer for the president and said that he would fast one day per week for Trump until Election Day.


“This is your third time here. That means you’re a church member,” Goulet said during the service, as reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I don’t care what anybody says. I love my president.”

That right there would normally be enough to send the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd into an apoplectic seizure — let alone Trump getting anywhere near a Bible — but something even more disgusting happened during the service that sent lefties on social media over the edge.

Donald Trump — the Devil’s spawn — dropped a wad of cash in the church collection bucket. [Insert horrified face emoji.]

Yes, America, the heathen of heathens donated to the church.

As the dastardly deed begins to take shape, we see Trump look down at what appears to be several $20 bills he has just removed from his side coat pocket…

And then he does it. He drops the money into the collection bucket.

Watch the whole thing unfold for yourself…


One “cheap bastard” lefty called Trump a “cheap bastard” because of “the way he carefully counts and the recounts the money.”

He wasn’t carefully recounting the money; he was fidgeting with it. Been there, done that. Besides, the “cheap bastard” lefty apparently “forgot” this little bit of info.

Nonetheless, the trash kept coming.


“You could see how much it pained him,” one lefty said.

This clown thought it must’ve been a plot with the Secret Service.

Oh, how cute, huh? So clever, too.

Then there were a few of the predictable — the election is right around the corner — tweets.

The “lord-s pray” [sic]?

And on it went. Anyway, let’s think this through, shall we?

There are three scenarios that could’ve played out when the collection bucket made it way to Trump.

  1. He could’ve passed, given that presidents don’t have a need to carry around wallets and money and stuff.
  2. He could’ve had aides bring in a wheelbarrow full of crisp $1oo bills.
  3. He could have done exactly what he did.

If he opted for the first choice, he would’ve been trashed on social media — and no doubt by histrionic CNN whiner Don Lemon — for being cheap, disrespectful, a phony, you name it. Solely showed up to pander to the Christian vote, no doubt.

If he opted for the second choice, he would’ve been trashed on social media — and no doubt by histrionic CNN whiner Don Lemon — for “showing off his money,” trying to buy the Christian voted, etc.

So he opted for the third choice and is still being trashed on social media — histrionic CNN whiner Don Lemon has not weighed in yet — so there you go; he would’ve been excoriated by the Left, regardless of which option he chose.

Incidentally, the pettiness didn’t stop with the offering bucket. Check out this nonsense.

Jack Johnson, author and “national reporter” for Religious News Service, which describes itself as “independent, nonprofit, and award-winning reporting on religion, culture, and ethics around the world,” chose to highlight a “violation of the U.S. flag code” and “no one onstage I can is wearing a mask.” You were on it, Jack!


It’s “almost” like these bitter clowns lie in wait — if not lying awake at night — ready to pounce at every (imagined) opportunity — again, clueless to the notion that their silliness pettiness says far more about them than Donald Trump.

The bottom line.

The bitter Left truly loathes this guy. It doesn’t matter what he does; they are going to attack him; good, bad, or indifferent. They couldn’t stop themselves if they wanted to and they sure as hell don’t want to.

The best response? Laugh it off and enjoy the clown car parade.


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