Watch: Black Man Goes OFF on Group of BLM Protesters Blocking Road: 'I'm Blacker Than You!'

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

With Donald Trump contracting COVID, the battle between the Trump and Biden campaigns at a fever pitch, and arguably the most important presidential election in a generation just 24 days away, it’s “almost” like the Black Lives Matter movement is no longer newsworthy.

We can’t have that, now, can we?

That said, a mixed-bag group of BLM “peaceful protesters” in Tacoma, Washington, apparently decided it would be a great attention-grabber to block a few roads — you know, just so everyone remembers: “Hey! We’re still here! Pay attention to us! We still matter!”

As luck would have it, video was captured on Thursday of the BLMers attempting to block an intersection when they were put on blast by a black motorist who jumped out his truck and in effect told them to get the hell out of the way. “I’m more black than you!”, he declared.

One of the protesters — sounding more like a BLM “Karen” than a BLM activist — is heard hilariously pleading with everybody to “de-escalate!” Perhaps fearing for the safety of her comrades, she screams at the driver: “Stop man! Just get in your f***ing truck and go!”

As reported by The Blaze, the video begins with the man standing next to the driver-side door of a blue pickup truck at an intersection that the protesters appear to have blocked. The protesters are yelling at him — and he’s yelling right back. Bigly. [Popcorn time.]

At one point several other black Tacomans join the driver in yelling at the BLM goons as things continue to escalate.

Much of the audio isn’t clear, but what is clear is the enraged black man is telling the BLM kiddies their activism is having a negative impact on the very black lives they claim to care so much about.

“I’m blacker than you!” he yells at the group. “I’m blacker than you!”

**NSFW language**

As reported by The News Tribune, the BLM protesters were quite the busy beavers throughout the day on Thursday. Early in the evening, they “rallied” in front of Tacoma police headquarters. Some were carrying signs referencing Manuel Ellis, a Tacoma man who died while being restrained by Tacoma police in March.

Later that night they blocked southbound Interstate 5 at South 38th Street in Tacoma, according to the Washington State Patrol. In the video below, many of the same clowns who confronted the black motorist earlier in the day can be seen standing in the freeway lanes and chanting “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” and “No justice, no peace!”

So dumb.

Whither goest thou, Black Lives Matter?

As I said at the top, one gets the feeling that the BLM movement is doing its best to remain in the daily news cycle after enjoying months of headline billing, beginning in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in May while in the custody of Minneapolis Police.

As my RedState colleague Brandon Morse reported in a September article titled Black Lives Matter Approval Is Falling Across the Nation, support for the movement dropped by 25 percent — from a June high of 60 percent to just 45 percent in September, according to Pew  Research Center.

Also in September, Morse posted video in an article titled Black Lives Matter Is Bleeding as People Catch on to What It Really Is, in which he differentiates between the correct ideal of “black lives (all lives) matter,” and the militancy of the Marxist group that, under the BLM banner, is determined to destroy America as we know it. Check it out.

Meanwhile, Tacoma BLM protesters, I wouldn’t mess with the “blacker than you” dude in the blue pickup truck anymore if I were you.