Biden’s Reason for Refusing to Answer One Particular Question Said Far More Than We Would've Learned From an Answer

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It seemed during the first presidential debate in Cleveland that all Joe Biden did for 94 minutes was mutter “That’s not true” or “I didn’t say that,” as Donald Trump reeled off fact after fact. That, and just stand there with either a smirk or a vacant look on his face.


While fact-checkers checked facts against both guys — many of them of rooting for one or the other — there was one particular question that stuck with me; a question that Biden repeatedly refused to answer.

Both Trump and Biden cheerleader debate moderator Chris Wallace asked Biden if he would support packing the Court if he is elected and Democrats regain control of the Senate. Biden defiantly refused to answer, not by just dodging the question — all politicians dodge questions — but once by declaring “I’m not going to answer it.”

Fast-forward to Wednesday, when reporters actually followed up with Biden and tried to pin him down on the question (I know, right?), asking him three times for an answer. Here’s one of those times:

“On the Supreme Court, some liberal friends of yours have talked about adding more justices to counteract what is happening right now. You dodged Chris Wallace’s question on that last night about packing the court, so let me ask you, do you support packing the court?”

Biden’s response:

“I’m not not dodging the question. What I’m doing is trying to stay focused. If I answer the question, no matter which way I answer it, then that becomes the headline tomorrow. Instead of focusing on violation on the principle of the Constitution that is going on right now.”


Here’s a shorter answer in which he said the same thing.

That first answer above was incredible; incredible in that it wasn’t his refusal to answer the question; it was his reason for doing so.

Two points:

1. “I’m not dodging the question.”

Of course he was dodging the question, precisely because of the first excuse he gave: “If I answer … then that becomes the headline tomorrow.” Exactly. And shouldn’t it become “the headline”? Pretty important “headline” right there, Joe.

Shouldn’t  voters know whether Biden supports packing the court? Same thing with his refusal to release a SCOTUS list, which Trump did before the 2016 election, and earlier this month released an update.

Biden told us why he won’t answer the Court-packing question, which is the same reason he refused to release a list of judges he’d consider for SCOTUS; because he knows outlets like Fox News and other non-lapdog media will run with it. And hoo boy that’s the last thing ol’ Joe and the Democrats want or need with the election just 32 days away.

Think about it. It’s who Democrats are. It’s what they do. Nancy Pelosi said it best about then-pending Obamacare legislation:


That’s right, America. “We have to pass the bill before you can find out what is in it.” That “bill” affected — many of them negatively so — the healthcare coverage of tens of millions of Americans.

And now Joe Biden and the Democrats want you to “pass the bill” — elect Biden president — “before you can find out what is in it” — whether he supports packing the court (he does), and who he’d nominate to the Supreme Court — left-wing judges who view the Court as a third legislative branch, hellbent on writing laws in SCOTUS that Democrats can’t pass in Congress.

Then there was this piece of garbage — very revealing garbage — as part of Biden’s reason for refusing to answer the Court-packing question.

2. “Violation on the principle of the Constitution.”

Think about that.

Biden is accusing Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell not of violating the Constitution by carrying out the express obligation that falls to them to replace a vacant seat on the Court.

Nope, the dastardly duo is violating the principle of the Constitution.

That is laugh-out-loud hilarious. What “principle” is being violated, here? The principle of “playing politics when you know you’re going to lose and you have no Constitutional leg to stand on” Article? Nope, I checked — ain’t one in there.


Politics is politics. Politicians deflect, lie, and refuse to answer questions. Even the best of them. But when Joe Biden admitted why he wouldn’t answer the very simply question of whether he would support packing of the Supreme Court? We learned far more than if he would’ve at least given a vague answer.

We (re)learned what we learned from Nancy Pelosi. “We can’t tell you what’s in it before we pass it.” Likewise, Joe Biden can’t tell us what’s “in him” before we elect him. Democrats. It’s who they are.


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