Hey, Honey, How About Dinner & Video of NYPD in Riot Gear Battling Protesters Amid Outdoor Diners?

AP Photo/Kevin Hagen
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AP Photo/Kevin Hagen

Nothing to see here, folks — just another normal Saturday night in hapless New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Big Apple. And, of course, by “another normal Saturday night,” I mean police in riot gear battling protesters amid startled outdoor diners in the West Village.


Apparently, the “peaceful protesters” of NYC were beginning to feel left in the dust by the festivities in Portland and Louisville.

As reported by the New York Post, the protesters — who were later hit with multiple charges, including disorderly conduct — had gathered on a nearby sidewalk and pedestrian island prior to the incident.

As shown in video of the goings-on, a large group of bicycle cops gathered across the street, watching the protesters’ every move.

Suddenly, at about 9:00 p.m., it was go-time.

Police officers raced across the street as shouting began. “What are you doing?!”, someone shouted, as cops knocked over a bar stool while in pursuit of a protester.

Groups of startled bystanders watched arrests unfold amid the small crowd enjoying outdoor drinks and dinners.

Protesters told The Post they had moved to the area after earlier marching to the nearby NYPD 6th Precinct to protest police breaking up what they claimed had been a “peaceful, art-driven rally in Washington Square Park.”

An automated police announcement warned against restricting pedestrian or vehicular traffic as things were about to get underway.


As if the evening’s festivities weren’t already exciting enough, “drag artist” Marti Gould Cummings happened upon the scene and posted additional video on Twitter — although Marti’s “peaceful protesters” observation was a bit lame, at best.

It appears that Marti saw things differently than did the NYPD.

“Police are lining up in the Village. Spoke to some protesters who say they were holding a peaceful protest and (a bunch of big, bad, meanie) cops took their bullhorns and started making arrests!”

Hang on a sec.

So, if I’m in the Village and decide to have a quiet dinner with my significant other at an outdoor diner, and a gaggle of squawking protesters shows up with bullhorns to disrupt my dinner, would that be a “peaceful protest,” Marti? Just askin’.


Meanwhile in Portland

As we reported earlier today, it was also another wild Saturday night in Portland,  where the same ol’, same ol’ BLM-Antifa crowd rioted for God knows what reason, be it Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, their “visit” earlier in the day with the Proud Boys, or maybe even the continuing “I can’t breathe” George Floyd excuse.

Yep, just another normal Saturday night in America, folks.

Because 2020.


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