Is Oregon Finally Wising up? New Poll Finds Voters Reject 'Peaceful' Protests, Want More Police

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Demonstrators huddle and blow back tear gas with leaf blowers during clashes with federal officers during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Wednesday, July 29, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Based on a recent survey, it appears that a majority of Oregon voters have finally had enough of the “peaceful” protests— aka: violent riots, burning businesses, murder in the streets, all-around mayhem — that have turned Portland into a war zone for more than 100 days.

The survey — conducted by DHM Research — found that 56 percent of Oregonians believe their state is on the wrong track, with just 31 percent believing the Beaver State is headed in the right direction.

A majority of Oregon voters do not believe the narrative that Portland protests have been “mostly peaceful,” and a plurality urge police to use greater force to quell the violence. That is significant.

Moreover, 56 percent believe the protests have been “mostly violent,” and just 29 percent believe the police have used too much force.

As reported by The Post Millennial, the survey results were characterized by partisan politics, with 57 percent of Democrats believing the unrest has been “mostly peaceful,” compared to 83 percent of Republicans who believe it has been “mostly violent.”


The survey also found:

  • 66 percent of voters disapprove of the nightly unrest, while just 31 percent favor the ongoing civil disobedience
  • 42 percent of voters want the police to use more force against the rioters, while 29 percent believe police use too much force
  • 55 percent of voters believe “riot” is a more accurate description of the unrest, with 37 percent believing “protest” is more accurate
  • Republicans, voters above 45 years of age, rural residents, and those who obtained a high school degree or less chose “riot”
  • Democrats, young voters under 30-years-old, and college graduates opted to call the unrest “protests”
  • Voters of color are split in their evaluation of the unrest, with 49 percent approving and 46 percent disapproving

Voters were also asked if they believe the ongoing unrest has been helpful to Black Portlanders and race relations in general. After all, that’s what this whole thing has supposedly been about, right?


While 31 percent believe the unrest has been “very harmful” to Blacks, just 7 percent believe it has been “very helpful.” Similarly, 38 percent of voters believe the riots have been “very harmful” to race relations, while only 6 percent say the protests have been “very helpful.”

On all accounts, most voters do not believe the night-after-night mayhem has been constructive to “the cause.” While 52 percent of voters ages 18 through 29, and 51 percent of voters of color believe the protests are helping black Portlanders, 39 percent of minority voters are less likely to believe the protests are aiding race relations.

A major point of contention in Portland has not only been the police department’s response to the rioting, but also its alleged treatment of Black suspects in general.

Regarding police reforms, 32 percent of voters believe the unrest has been “very harmful” to the efforts, while just 8 percent believe the nightly civil disobedience has been “very helpful” in “reforming” police.

The bottom line:

Clearly, a majority of Oregonians now oppose the Portland riots. Also clear is those who favor the mayhem are younger and more so-called “progressive” — with cheerleading on the sidelines coming everywhere from Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to liberal college-educated elitists.


Also clear is that the anarchists are far more about what they don’t want than what they do want. And the “don’t want” that drives the violence, night after night, is the mere existence of America as we know it. They seek to destroy society, institutions, law enforcement, freedom of speech, and everything else they deem to be in their way.

It is way past time to put an end to the mayhem in Portland.

If the leftist mayor refuses to do so, or is not up to the task, it is up to the good people of Portland to put an end to him and his hapless control — or lack thereof — of their once-proud city.

You can do this, Portland; get after it.


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