Hapless Hillary Accidentally Endorses Wrong Candidate & Gets OWNED: ‘You Literally Campaigned for Trump'

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In this image from video, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)

Poor Hillary. She just can’t help it. As Ronald Reagan would say, “There you go again.” To paraphrase Greg Kinnear’s character to Jack Nicholson’s character in “As Good as It Gets,” the best thing Hillary has going for her is her willingness to humiliate herself.

Such was the case on Tuesday when the two-time-losing Democrat presidential candidate took to her Twitter machine and tried to make the case to vote for Joe Biden. Just one problem. Hillary’s tweet exactly made the case for Donald Trump’s re-election.

How can I put this delicately… Hillary’s still-bitter butt got OWNED. 

And what a beautiful sight it was to see. The festivities began when Hillary posted a tweet in which she ticked through a list of what she considers to be strong qualifications for a Biden presidency.

Oh Hillary, bless your heart.

Democracy over authoritarianism? Seriously? You mean “democracy” like being able to keep your healthcare plan if you like your healthcare plan? Or perhaps being able to keep your AR-15 and other firearms, as law-abiding gun owners? The list is long, Hillary.

Fortunately, I wasn’t about to swallow a drink of water when I read your “dignity and respect over corruption and lawlessness” line.


While the list of your scandals  — including Benghazi — is far too long to get into, the list of Obama-Biden scandals — from Operation Fast and Furious, to the IRS, to spying on journalists, to Solyndra, to NSA spying, to the GSA and VA scandals — isn’t much shorter.

And by “building back better,” I assume you’re referring to tax increases on individuals, small businesses, and large corporations? Or perhaps including money for Planned Parenthood, illegal aliens, and Cannabis research in any future COVID-related stimulus packages?

And by “plan over pandemic,” are you referring to continuing virus-related restrictions on American citizens, closing the economy down again as Biden has suggested he’d do, and pushing mandatory masking all over the country?

And don’t even get me started on “unity over division.”

You people — Democrats — have sowed some pretty serious seeds of division from the nanosecond Donald Trump was elected President, including all but donning cheerleader uniforms and waving pom-poms in support of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, all the while decrying pretend “systemic racism” and “white privilege.”

Excellent job, Hillary; the President appreciates your endorsement.

Let’s go to Twitter for a few reactions to Hillary’s accidental endorsement of the re-election of Donald Trump, shall we?


Incidentally, Hillary being Hillary, she does have a “Plan B” for Biden in the event Trump is declared the winner of the election, as covered by my RedState colleague Nick Arama a couple of weeks back.

Yup, if Trump wins? Hillary declared that Biden “should not concede under any circumstances.”

And finally, this tweet sums up the feeling of many Twitterers.

While I understand the sentiment of “Go away, nobody cares what you have to say,” as it relates to Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and a host of other Democrats, I couldn’t disagree more.

The above people and others like them are the best in-kind advertising Donald Trump and the Republican Party has.


We want Hillary out there, spewing her never-ending bitterness over 2016. We want Nancy Pelosi, lapsing into long, uncomfortable moments of incoherent babble. We want AOC and her Squad pals, the grouchy old Socialist, and the 1/1,064th Native American out there spewing the “virtues” of Socialism. And, of course, we want Maxine Waters, in front of every camera and microphone she can find.

As Rush Limbaugh has said for more than 30 years on syndicated radio, the more we allow liberals to talk, the more they tell us exactly who they are. For that, we should be forever grateful that Hillary Clinton continues to be Hillary Clinton.

That, and her inadvertent endorsement of Donald Trump’s re-election.

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