Private Security Firm Hired by Seattle Parks Quits on First Night on the Job — Here's Why


Well, that didn’t last long. The private security firm that was hired by the city of Seattle to protect it’s public parks from “peaceful” protests quit during its first night on the job. Any guesses as to why?

As Ricky McGhee, owner of Jaguar Security Firm, told Fox News:

“I went there to make sure, as the owner of the company, that nothing serious would go down. I wanted to make sure everything was going to be cool.

“As soon as we entered that park, they started verbally attacking us […] calling us all kinds of names like ‘sellouts’ and [telling us] what they would do to us.”

In other words, just another episode of “Lawless in Seattle.”

McGhee told Fox someone also shined a bright light in his face, making it difficult to see who they were. He said he then called the police and was told to walk to the sidewalk and wait for officers to arrive. A video of the incident shows three security guards walking toward the street as several people, mostly dressed in black, shout at them.

As Fox News reported, Cal Anderson Park has been closed since June 30 and was cleared out on Tuesday so the city could make repairs to a field house damaged in the “protests” following George Floyd’s death.

During a search of the grounds and several tents, officers and park staff found a machete, a hatchet, makeshift shields, and homemade spike strips — no doubt inadvertently left behind by a couple of absentminded “campers.”


As reported by the Seattle Times, McGhee and his guards walked away from a fair amount of money.

Seattle Parks and Recreation spokesperson Rachel Schulkin said the city planned to pay $85 per hour per guard each night, with four guards working from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. for a total of $3,400 per night.

The department did not respond Wednesday to a request for a copy of its contract with Jaguar Security; on Thursday, the department said it did not yet have a contract in place. The Federal Way-based security company was formed in 2005, according to state business records.

“We planned to use Jaguar Security to provide a presence in the park overnight, but no duration was set, as we plan to reassess the needs of the park daily,” Schulkin said in an email.

In other words, someone struck enough fear into McGhee and his guys on their very first night on the job to cause them to walk away.

Schulkin told Fox News the city is working with Jaguar Security on a “night-by-night” basis as “we reassess daily the security needs for Cal Anderson Park.”

McGhee told Fox News he is working with the city to determine if they can come up with a plan for his employees to safely return.

“These people that are doing that stuff, they’re putting themselves in danger,” he said. “We could have engaged right when they put those lights in our eyes and they had those weapons in their hands.”

Did I mention that Mr. McGhee is Black?

Or that Jaguar Security Firm is a minority-owned business? Isn’t this whole thing all about black lives mattering? Very confusing.

Apparently, #BlackSecurityGuardLives aren’t a thing in Seattle.