MSNBC's Joy Reid Has Become a Caricature of Herself; Compares Antifa, BLM to Civil Rights Movement: 'They Are Not a Mob'

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Joy Reid

Geez, it’s “almost” like MSNBC’s Joy Reid is trying to become a caricature of herself, isn’t it? I mean, every time she trots out onto the set of “TheReidOut,” her objective appears to be twofold:


Trash Trump, and sing the praises of Black Lives Matter.

That’s exactly what the Trump-loathing host did on Thursday — with a shoutout to Antifa tossed in. You know, because Joy Reid.

Here’s how Reid began the segment — completely devoid of facts and reality, as is always the case:

“The Trump administration is so desperate to manufacture an atmosphere of left-wing violence ahead of the election and to ignore the violence being perpetrated by some of their own supporters including white nationalists.”

As an aside, can you imagine waking up that bitter, that delusional, and going through every day like that? I cannot.

As reported by NewsBusters, Reid then called the last more than three months of violence across America a “hoax,” and insisted that no Black Lives Matter activists have been arrested. Yeah, I know.

She then went full-blown Twilight Zone, suggesting that Trump’s Justice Department has been “floating the idea of going after protesters with the same tactics used to go after the mafia.” I got nothin’.

That’s when things really got crazy.

While defending the funding of out-of-state agitators who race to city after city to participate in the festivities, Reid compared Antifa and BLM violence to the civil rights movement.


“First of all, it wouldn’t even be illegal if someone was paying for people’s flights to cities where they will protest any more than it was illegal for civil rights organizations to pay for the buses that brought northern protesters to the south during the civil rights movement.

“Most importantly, there is no evidence that anyone is paying for anyone to do anything, let alone there are ‘dark shadows’ out there enticing people to commit violent acts.

“The law brought up in that clip, RICO, was passed in 1970 to pursue the mafia. You know, the type of people who committed a double homicide over a spilled drink in a Queens bar once.”

Ah, Reid insisted, Antifa isn’t even close to the mafia. Antifa “literally stands for anti-fascists,” she said, and therefore, along with BLM, of course they “aren’t close to organized crime.”

After babbling on some more about “decentralized movements,” and such, Reid closed the segment with this:

“I can’t believe I have to say this, but one more time for those in the back, black lives matter and Antifa are not the mob.”

The pathetic reality of Reid’s delusional defense of Antifa is the anarchists couldn’t care less about George Floyd.


I’d be surprised if many of them even knew who he was when they first received the order to hit the streets for some good old-fashion anarchy in the days following Floyd’s death.

The  truth is, Joy Reid — and people like her — don’t care what Antifa knows about George Floyd, Jacob Blake, or any other black men killed during justifiable police actions.

What Joy Reid cares about — along with the entirety of the Democrat Party —is defeating Donald Trump.

What Antifa and Black Lives Matter care about, is destroying America as we know it. Perhaps Joy Reid cares about that, as well.

Incidentally, when we (I) last visited Joy Reid, here at RedState, I did so in my piece titled MSNBC Wins Race-Baiting Trophy: RNC ‘Trotted Out’ Blacks to Make Whites ‘Feel Good About White Nationalism’.

That is who Joy Reid is, America.


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