Flying Pigs Alert: Even CNN's Don Lemon Thinks Pelosi's Silly 'Setup' Excuse Is 'Messed Up'

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If you’re the most powerful Democrat in the country and your name is Nancy Pelosi, and CNN’s Don Lemon — who is loathe to ever criticize anything Democrat-related— calls you out for messing up, guess what?


You messed up. Bigly.

Such was the case on Wednesday, after Pelosi got caught with her mask down at a COVID-shuttered San Francisco hair salon — a salon which has been closed for months, because California. Actually, it now appears that the salon, along with countless other small businesses, has only been closed to commoners. The proletariat, if you will.

Naturally, Pelosi claimed she was the victim — of a “setup.”

Lemon matter-of-factly tore apart Pelosi’s “setup” excuse, perfectly, as pigs across America immediately took to the heavens.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she was set up after she was seen not wearing a face mask at a San Francisco hair salon. Not wearing a mask and having haircuts indoors is against the rules, there. […]

“So the Speaker of the House is blaming the salon after she didn’t wear a mask indoors. The salon owner is denying it was a setup. Regardless, this far into the pandemic, the House Speaker should know what is safe and what isn’t […] instead of claiming a setup, the House Speaker should know what is safe and what isn’t.

“We should all know. It’s our responsibility.

“Instead of claiming a setup, it would’ve been just as easy fo the Speaker to say, ‘Ya know what? I messed up. I should’ve worn a mask indoors.'”


Game, set, match. Thanks for playing, Nancy.

I can’t believe these words are about to leave my “lips” — and they most likely never will, again: Don Lemon was right. 100 percent right. 

Lemon made three salient points — whether the usually-Trump-bashing CNN host realized it or not — that not only apply to Nancy Pelosi; they apply to all Democrats.

Attempting to convince a Democrat to take responsibility for anything is like trying to convince Michael Moore to stop inhaling Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese, and start eating fat-free rice cakes.

In other words, it ain’t gonna happen.

Second, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on Wednesday night, when Democrats get caught red-handed, the first thing they do is play the “I was set up” card. He cited former Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry as another example, who in 1990 was arrested in a hotel room and charged with possession of crack cocaine. The married mayor claimed the woman he was with set him up.


Carlson also interviewed the salon owner — she’s now considering leaving California, following bad Yelp reviews and worse, as a result of the incident— who denied setting up Pelosi.

Finally, let’s assume, just for a moment, Pelosi was — ahem — telling the truth. To paraphrase Hillary, what difference would it make?

To Lemon’s point, she was in a salon, among innumerable California small businesses that she vociferously backed closing, and she — the Queen of Maskers — was not wearing a mask.

Setup, or not, Madam Speaker, you got caught.

And your first instinct was, and remains? Blame everyone but yourself. Rather than take responsibility; rather than own it, rather than simply say ‘I messed up,” as even CNN’s Don Lemon said you should’ve done, you threw the salon owner under the bus. And you did it in your typical, arrogant, smug, Nancy Pelosi way.

How Democrat of you.


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