PragerU Shares Hilarious 2013 Key & Peele Video: 'How Leftists Think Police Should Do Their Job'

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Police in riot gear stand outside the Kenosha County Court House Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Kenosha, Wis. Kenosha police shot a man Sunday evening, setting off unrest in the city after a video appeared to show the officer firing several shots at close range into the man’s back. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

In 2013, it was just another funny bit from comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. In 2020, it’s sobering reality.

And it’s even more hilarious, now, in the respect that it pretty much illustrates how the Looney Tunes Left thinks police officers should interact with suspects who ignore their commands.

The Comedy Central video, recently re-shared by PragerU, features Key as a police officer and Peele as a suspect, re-enacting an arrest in which it’s clear that the suspect has no intention of following any of the officer’s orders, as described by The Blaze.

The video shows an armed Key approaching Peele, who is standing next to a vehicle, demanding he back away from the car. Peele, though he has his hands up, defiantly inches toward the vehicle, apparently testing Key to see how far he can push him.

“No!” Key shouts. “Don’t go near that car!”

Peele naturally does, so Key changes the trajectory of his demands: “Your butt better not hit that seat!”

When it’s clear that Peele — hands still raised in defense and butt firmly in the driver’s seat — won’t be following any of Key’s orders from this point forward, Key says, “Don’t you dare reach for that glove compartment!”

Peele naturally does, and pulls out a handgun and points it at Officer Key.

Key, clearly defeated at this point, surrenders, puts up his own hands, kneels down on the ground, and sets aside his service weapon.

Needless to say, Peele then drives away.

Although in 2020, he’d probably throw a brick at a “racist” Trump supporter, or a Molotov cocktail at a police station.


The video ends with a harsh 2020 reality: “Americans found this laughably absurd in 2013. Sadly, only some do now.”

In real, “not funny” police news, nearly 20 percent of Minneapolis police officers are seeking medical disability retirement based on “post traumatic stress disorder” in the aftermath of rioting following George Floyd’s death in May, as reported by my RedState colleague Shipwreckedcrew in early August.

As Shipwreckedcrew also reported in August, 23 San Francisco police officers resigned during the first six months of 2020 — 19 of whom took jobs with other law enforcement agencies — due to being “upset that the social experiment being conducted in San Francisco is failing.”

And in June, Comrade Bill de Blasio’s Crazy Train — formerly known as New York City — saw the NYPD pull officers from various district attorney offices after prosecutors began releasing rioters.

Meanwhile, we can laugh at a seven-year-old video about cops giving in to bad guys. Laugh until we cry over the reality of the lawlessness in the summer of 2020, that is.


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