Gingrich: 3 Reasons Why Biden-Harris Dream Will ‘Quickly Become a Nightmare’ for Dems

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event with his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., at Alexis Dupont High School in Wilmington, Del., Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

While the predictions of pollsters, prognosticators, and wishful thinkers about who will win the election are all over the board, former Speaker Newt Gingrich is not only confident about his prediction; he laid out in a Tuesday op-ed three reasons why he thinks he’ll be right.

“I expect the Democrats’ Biden-Harris dream will quickly become a nightmare,” reads the tease at the top Fox News op-ed.

First up, Gingrich believes Biden is “clearly incapable” of performing the duties of a functioning president.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is clearly incapable of functioning as president. Every time he comes out from hiding in the basement, it is embarrassingly clear that he could not possibly negotiate with Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping or Russian President Vladimir Putin to any positive effect.

He is performing weaker and weaker with each passing week. Even when his campaign can control every aspect of his events or appearances, there is something pathetic about Biden’s inability to project strength or articulate any firm ideas.

Gingrich said Biden doesn’t even look like he’s “ready to lead.” Instead, the former Speaker said, Biden is “looking like he wants to make sure he doesn’t fall down.” While humorous to some, it should be cause for concern — particularly among people who truly care for this guy.


Gingrich said voters are picking up on the implications of Biden’s desire to hide in his basement rather than face questions from reporters and people along the campaign trail who might actually ask him relevant questions.

Newt cited several recent relevant statistics:

In one survey by Rasmussen Reports, 38% of American voters said they thought the former vice president was in cognitive decline (of course, most of those were Trump supporters).

In a more recent report, Rasmussen Reports said 59% of likely voters believe Biden’s vice-presidential choice will become president during the next four years. That included 49% of Democrats, 57% of independents, and 73% of Republicans.

When nearly six out of every ten Americans think you are not likely to finish a four-year term, it is hardly an endorsement of your fitness. The more Biden has to campaign and actually appear in uncontrolled environments, the bigger this problem will become.

To be sure, Gingrich isn’t a fan of Biden’s politics, either; on Monday he reduced Biden’s economic and tax plans to a “laughable disaster.”


The former Speaker then broached the “disaster” that is Kamala Harris; the second reason he thinks Joemala will crash and burn.

Harris will prove to be the most disastrous vice presidential nominee since Sen. Tom Eagleton, D-Mo., had to resign from the McGovern ticket when it turned out he had been subjected to shock therapy treatments for mental issues (I am not criticizing mental illness or its treatment, but in 1972, Americans simply did not want to think of a potential president having mental illness).

As a presidential candidate, Harris had wavered between embracing the most radical positions and then opportunistically changing to more moderate positions when she got blowback.

She was as unreliable in her policy positions as she was in her attacks on Biden. She aggressively attacked Biden on four different occasions and has since repudiated her own words.

If Biden is exhausted and hiding in a basement, his running mate is energetically bouncing all over the place with no consistency or reliability.

Gingrich then ran through several glaring stats about Harris’s underwhelming performance in the Democrat primaries.

  • Harris was at 15% support in July 2019. She then dropped as low as 3.5% support by November 2019, according to Real Clear Politics.
  • 61% of Californians thought she ought to drop out of the presidential race, according to a poll by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies for the Los Angeles Times.
  • In November 2019, after months of campaigning, a Quinnipiac University poll showed Harris was fourth in attracting Black voters. Biden had 44%, Sanders had 10%, Warren had 8%, and Harris was down to 6%.

Finally, Gingrich believes voters will wake up once they realize the “depth of radicalism” of the Biden-Harris ticket and the reality of the Chuck Schumer-Nancy Pelosi legislative agenda.

Among specifics, he cited Joemala’s support of taxpayer-funded abortions through the ninth month of pregnancy, COVID relief payments to “qualifying” illegal aliens, Biden’s commitment to Beto O’Rourke that he will pursue gun control, and Democrat support — at least tacitly — of the “defund the police” movement.

So, when does Gingrich believe the collapse of Joemala will begin? Shortly after the end of the Democratic convention.

The real change in public opinion will begin shortly after the Democratic National Convention as the Trump campaign and its allies (including virtually all Republican candidates) point out these specific threats to specific groups.

“I expect the Democrats’ Biden-Harris dream will quickly become a nightmare,” Gingrich concluded.

In the event that Newt Gingrich’s prediction proves to be correct, can you imagine the devastating “morning after” impact on the collective mental state of the entirety of the Democrat Party? Think about it.

These poor TDS-riddled people will have suffered through four years of anguish over the fact that the “mentally unstable,” “reality TV host” beat the “most qualified person in modern history to seek the presidency” in an election they still can’t wrap their heads around.


But to then be bested by Donald Trump again?

To face the harsh reality that there still exists in America a sufficient number of non-groupthink, gun-and-religion-clinging deplorables to overcome blatant Democrat pandering and exploitation of those who are naive enough to buy into their hollow promises?

Why, you’d think going 0-2 would cause thinking liberals to finally wake up, right? Operative word being “thinking,” of course.


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