'Pragmatic Moderate' Harris Just Sponsored 'Climate Change' Bill With Equally 'Moderate' AOC

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Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks during a Senate Judiciary Committee business meeting to consider authorization for subpoenas relating to the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, and other matters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, June 11, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, Pool)

The “mainstream” media continues to work overtime to describe Kamala Harris as a “pragmatic moderate.” Meanwhile, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez self-identifies as a “Democratic Socialist.”

Reality: Harris and AOC are two “progressive” peas in a left-wing pod.

Just days before the New York Times and other left-leaning media outlets described Harris as “pragmatic moderate,” she cosponsored the Climate Equity Act with AOC, which promises to “boldly address the climate crisis” by tackling so-called “environmental racism.”

“Environmental racism.” Let’s talk about that, a minute. A quintessential Democrat buzz phrase if there ever was one.

Reminds me of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial in which one guy exclaims, “You got peanut butter in my chocolate!” to which the second guy responds: “You got chocolate in my peanut butter!”

The obvious message:

Peanut butter and chocolate together is much better than either one alone. Therefore, “reasons” the liberal mind, combining “climate change” with the white-hot topic of “systemic racism,” portrays an even more ominous meaning than “climate change” alone. Plus, as an added bonus, “racism,” liberal “logic” dictates, can hurt White America, too!


Harris described the bill as a “fight” for “justice and equality.”

For a year, AOC and I have worked with communities on landmark legislation to ensure that as we fight the climate crisis, we center that fight in justice and equity.

Today, we’re formally introducing the Climate Equity Act in Congress.

In a statement outlining the legislation, Harris’s office described the Climate Equity Act as “an urgent effort in the form of a Green New Deal.” In part, it addresses the Black community:

Given the systemic disadvantages that frontline communities already face, any climate plan must work to redress these ongoing injustices. A Green New Deal must not repeat the mistakes of past policies like the New Deal, which took transformative steps to revitalize the economy and expand the social safety net but also excluded people of color—particularly Black Americans—from enjoying its full benefits.

Whereas the New Deal, for instance, exempted many Black Americans from Social Security and banned them from receiving high-level jobs created by the Tennessee Valley Authority, we must ensure that our policies to build our clean economy will uplift frontline communities, putting them at the center of a Green New Deal.


AOC’s Twitter account described the bill this way as:

Today, Sen. Kamala Harris and Rep. AOC introduced the Climate Equity Act, legislation to ensure that we center communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis in policy related to climate and the environment.

Same AOC, by the way, who in April said of the then-collapse of oil prices: “You absolutely love to see it!

Harris Press Secretary Meaghan Lynch praised the combined efforts of left-wing dynamic duo in terms of race.

While the far-left lauded news of the Harris-AOC bill as an avenue to eventual passage of AOC’s Green New Deal, Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday suggested that he and President Trump will be all over it for the remainder of the campaign, smartly tying Biden to the proposed legislation during an appearance on “Hannity.”


“Joe Biden & Kamala Harris want to raise taxes by $4 trillion, they want to do their own version of the Green New Deal, they’re going to appoint activists to our Courts, they support taxpayer funded abortion, they support open borders & they want to cut funding to law enforcement.”

The bottom line:

While the Democrat Party and its “mainstream” media shills work feverishly to portray Kamala Harris as a “pragmatic moderate,” she is anything but.

In my Thursday piece titled Democrat Operatives Warn Media That Criticism of Harris Will Be Deemed ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ — In Other Words, Business as Usual, I included an analysis by bipartisan GovTrack.us, which last week reported that Harris was the most liberal senator of 2019; she voted for bipartisan legislation “the least often compared to [all] Senate Democrats.” One spot worse than Bernie Sanders.


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