Oh, the Humanity! Pompeo 'Caught' Drinking Beer with 'Un-Distanced' Maskless Group in Czech Republic!

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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo together with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and mayor Pauline Krikke at the opening of the Global Entrepeneurship Summit 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands, Monday, June 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Phil Nijhuis)

In what appears to have been an international incident — to the Karens of America, that is —  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was caught on camera in the Czech Republic on Tuesday — carelessly drinking beer with a group of fellow reckless, “un-distanced,” “maskless” hooligans!

Pompeo arrived in the Czech Republic to open a five-day visit to Central Europe with an agenda including China’s role in 5G network construction, and Europe’s energy dependence on Russia.

However, The Recount, among other lefty websites, wasn’t having any of the Secretary’s irresponsible, beer-drinking shenanigans.

As to be expected, the Twittersphere fell into two basic groups. One group reacted as if Pompeo and his fellow-beer drinkers were caught gleefully frolicking in the streets of Prague — every one of them infected with COVID, grabbing passersby, and kissing them on the lips.


And aptly-named “Seattle USA” used the Pompeo beer-drinking “scandal” as an excuse to take a shot at Donald Trump over his recent comments about children being “almost immune” to COVID.

The other group was primarily focused on the first group, which is where the real fun began. First, the obvious.

Katie Pavlich weighed in.


And JD took a shot at the hypocrisy of the Left over its “crickets” about maskless protesters rioters.

Finally, the feigned shock.

And on it went. To mask or not, that remains the question.

Speaking of masks, as I reported Sunday, as if masks weren’t already contentious enough, two dentists in New York say too much mask wearing can lead to all sorts of nasty things, including cavities, receding gum, decaying teeth, stinky breath, and more seriously, strokes and increased risk of heart attacks.

Serious stuff. I think I’ll go find some maskless beer drinkers and decide on my next mask-related move. “Un-distanced” maskless beer drinkers, that is.

Meanwhile, ponder this YouTuber’s thoughts for a while — you’ll be glad you did.

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