Watch: Taxpayer-Funded PBS Host Calls Trump's COVID Policy 'Genocidal' 'Mass Murder'

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President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference at the White House, Tuesday, July 21, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

As the Left continues to heap diabolical descriptors on Donald Trump over his ongoing response to the Wuhan virus, taxpayer-funded PBS gleefully jumped into the mix on Saturday — bigly — as one of its hosts called the president’s virus policy “mass murder.”


PBS host Alexander Heffner spewed his hyperbolic tripe during an appearance on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” with host Al Sharpton, labeling the Trump administration’s virus policy as “genocidal.”

Sharpton being Sharpton, the noted infectious disease expert [sarc] kicked off the festivities by accusing Trump of failing to listen to experts from the beginning, saying the country “may not be facing the numbers and devastation” if the president had acted sooner.

“He is actually fighting when he’s wrong with his own health experts,” Sharpton said, which amounted to a slow pitch, across the middle of the plate, which Heffner gladly smacked — with all of his liberal might.

“Yeah, he’s done it from the beginning. The scientific illiteracy has immobilized our country. It’s made it impossible to comprehensively assault the medical crisis. In your prior segment you were discussing the attorney general.

If we had an actual attorney general in this country, he or she would be investigating and prosecuting the malfeasance, the negligence, the homicide, the mass murder — and it’s gotten to a point, with over 150 thousand souls gone, that it’s not just inexcusable, it is genocidal. It is mania.”

Ironically, Heffner concluded his blast with: “And life and death ought not be a partisan issue. But we’ve discovered it is now.


A Leftist like Heffner accusing Trump — or anyone — of partisanship over the virus — or anything — is laugh-out-loud ridiculous. The Democrat Party and its “mainstream media” sock puppets on CNN, PMSNBC, and elsewhere have done their petty, partisan best to whip the American public into a COVID frenzy from the beginning.

Heffner’s appearance on Sharpton’s program was not his first Trump-trashing rodeo. The host of “The Open Mind” in June tweeted a promo of his interview with Lincoln Project founder John Weaver, who worked on John McCain’s 2000 and 2008 presidential campaigns.

Wait – there’s a pattern here! Heffner quoted Weaver as saying “an army of the decent can come together in November and elect Biden.”

Heffner last Wednesday tweeted about the popular Democrat canard that Trump will refuse to leave office if he loses the election.


“Will you accept the election results?” The irony of this question focused on Trump is he is the one actively dismantling democracy — sabotaging USPS, unlawfully intimidating swing states, etc. — in order to ensure favorable results to accept. This needs to be posed to Biden.

Trump once raised Democrat hackles last week with a tweet in which he wondered aloud whether the election should be delayed, based on concern that mail-in ballots would lead to massive voter fraud.

I often wonder if Trump sometimes fires off provocative tweets for the express purpose of tweaking the already pinched-up TDS-riddled Democrats and their liberal media mouthpieces. In either case, his concern about mail-in ballots in not unfounded.


As for PBS, the battle against taxpayer funding for the left-leaning network has been going on for years. Count Trump among those who have called for an end to federal funding for both PBS and NPR.

If nothing else, Trump has been consistent, calling for an end to funding  in 2017, 2018, 2019, and again, this year. In each case, the Left nearly lost its collective mind, decrying everything from a threat to the demise of Big Bird, to censorship of public discourse.

Then again, if PBS and NPR were conservative-leaning by nature, Democrats and their liberal media lapdogs would’ve been all over ending taxpayer funding from the outset.


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