CNN Trots Out 'Grim Numbers' & 'Stern Warnings' About Large Gatherings, Forgets About Riots

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A crowd of women hold signs and shout in Portland, Ore., during a protest over the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 after being restrained by police in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer)

On today’s episode of “CNN Being CNN,” The Most Trusted Name in News™ is really concerned about the “coronavirus running rampant within American communities,” warning that “health officials have made clear it’s not yet time to ease up on precautions.”

That’s right — CNN is so concerned that it detailed multiple examples of reckless gatherings that continue to plague America, as it sees it.

Just one problem.

The Democrats’ network of record forgot to include continuing riots in Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere, on its list. Go figure.

Anyway, this... is CNN… the “most trusted” (ahem) name in news:

With the coronavirus running rampant within American communities, health officials have made clear it’s not yet time to ease up on precautions.

Instead, governors and experts from coast to coast have urged Americans to keep face masks in indoor public spaces, maintain their distance from others and avoid crowded spaces.

That’s as infections nationwide have climbed past 4.3 million and at least 149,258 have lost their lives — and some experts say the coming months could mean thousands of more deaths.

During a stop in Kentucky over the weekend, White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx urged states who are seeing a concerning increase in cases to downsize their gatherings to less than 10 people, adding many of the young people who are spreading the virus are asymptomatic.

Despite the grim numbers and stern warnings, some Americans have chosen to return to pre-pandemic habits, ditching guidelines and attending parties.


Yes, the Shining Beacon of Truth cares about you, America.

The article went on to list several examples as “proof” that large gatherings shouldn’t happen. Or something.

  • In Jackson, New Jersey, it took police more than five hours Sunday to break up a house party with about 700 guests. The home was being rented out through Airbnb, police said.
  • In Middletown, New Jersey, a party earlier in July led to a cluster of cases in the area with more than 20 teens testing positive for the virus. The partygoers ranged in age from 15 to 19 years old, officials said.
  • In Michigan, health officials traced at least 43 cases of the virus back to a large house party in Washtenaw County, Michigan, earlier this month. Most of the cases were people between the ages of 15 and 25 years old.
  • In New York, authorities are investigating a drive-in concert at the Hamptons after footage appeared to show large groups of people not following social distancing guidelines.

“Social distancing guidelines”? Like those observed by protesters and rioters, night after night, for more than 60 days? Can’t make it up.


Incidentally, buck-passer-extraordinaire NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo was “appalled” by the drive-by concert in the Hamptons, just like he’s appalled by every large gathering that isn’t a protest or riot:

“Videos from a concert held in Southampton on Saturday show egregious social distancing violation. I am appalled. The Department of Health will conduct an investigation. We have no tolerance for illegal and reckless endangerment of public health.”

Too easy, governor.

You did have tolerance for the illegal and reckless riots that rocked NYC for more than two months, endangering public health, night after night, did you not? If not, what did you do to try to stop them? Other than your buck-passing FDR-like “fireside chats”? Can you explain that? Of course you can’t. Not with even a shred of honestly, that is.

Remember, folks, the hypocrisy of the Left knows no bounds. With that thought in mind, Twitter had thoughts.


Wait — who’s this guy?

Ah, CNN. You never learn. Networks that live in hypocritical houses should not throw stones. Thankfully, you clowns will never learn.


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