Rush Limbaugh Torches Media's Virus ‘Propaganda’: ‘Let the Young and Healthy People Go Out and Live Their Lives’

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Radio personality Rush Limbaugh speaks before introducing President Donald Trump at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Fla., Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Rush Limbaugh took a blow torch to the liberal media during his show on Monday, accusing the de facto media mouthpiece of the Democrat Party of purposely and irresponsibly spreading COVID-19 propaganda in an attempt to again shut down the economy prior to the election.

Limbaugh began the segment by announcing “giant COVID-19 news,” saying “the thrust of most of the COVID-19 news is to get you eventually to fall in with shutting down the country again.”

The iconic conservative talk show host said “media irresponsibility and propaganda” has created the impression that deaths are increasing in Texas and in Florida, even though the fatality rate of positive cases in both state continues to fall well below the national average.

That’s where all of this is headed. What you need to know… Well, you need to avoid this. You need to not go along with this idea of shutting down the entire economy again, shutting down entire states.

What they’re not telling you is the death rate. The death rate is falling. But you don’t know that because they are simply reporting this massive increase in cases.

And you’re supposed to assume that every case equals a death. This is due to media irresponsibility and propaganda as well. So record number of cases in Florida set every day. Not in deaths, folks.

Monday evening, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tweeted a graphic showing Florida’s death rate stands at 1.9 percent of positive cases, well below that of several other large states.


As he continued, Limbaugh launched into one of his trademark “Rush Rants” that loyal listens have come to love for more than 30 years.

The number… In fact, you’d be stunned. You probably think that the number-one state for deaths due to coronavirus… What would you say? Probably Florida, right, based on the reporting? I mean, ‘10,000 new cases a day, every new day is a record! ‘There are 11,000 new cases! Oh, my God. Shutting down the bars and restaurants in Miami! Oh, my God! Shutting down in Palm Beach! Oh, my God!’

“They’re not reporting the survivability rate,” he said, before laying out his recommendations for moving forward. In effect, stop the mandates, protect older people and those with compromised immune systems, and allow young and healthy people to get on with their lives.

The answer here is don’t mandate closures. Don’t mandate social distancing. Don’t even mandate mask wearing. Encourage people who are old or who have a compromised immune system to stay quarantined, stay hidden away. Do not go out.

But let the young and the healthy go out and live their lives. Go ahead and live their lives and spread herd immunity because that’s ultimately — ’til we get therapeutics or a vaccine, herd immunity is — gonna be the answer to this.


The term “herd immunity” has been tossed around in the media, much of the time without explanation of what it means and how it relates to COVID-19. According to the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, herd immunity is defined thusly:

When most of a population is immune to an infectious disease, this provides indirect protection — or herd immunity (also called herd protection) — to those who are not immune to the disease.

For example, if 80% of a population is immune to a virus, four out of every five people who encounter someone with the disease won’t get sick (and won’t spread the disease any further).

In this way, the spread of infectious diseases is kept under control. Depending how contagious an infection is, usually 70% to 90% of a population needs immunity to achieve herd immunity.

Measles, mumps, polio, and chickenpox are examples of infectious diseases that were once common in the U.S. but are now rare because vaccines helped to establish herd immunity, Johns Hopkins says.

As Limbaugh closed the segment, the eternal conservative optimism he has displayed for decades carried the day.

COVID-19 deaths have hit all-time lows, expressed as a percentage, because we are finding more people who’ve been infected by way of testing, any number of things. The more people infected, folks, it stands to reason that those numbers are gonna increase. But at the same time the number of deaths is going to plummet. […]

The shutdown was never necessary. It wasn’t needed. It was a faux recession. It was entirely artificial. […] There was no reason in the economy for what happened to it. We simply shut it down. We had a three-year, roaring economy that in two months we destroyed. And the Democrat Party is living off of that to this day.

Millions of jobs have been added over the past 60 days and the skyrocketing unemployment has turned around to nearly where it was percent-wise in most of the Obama early years. The Obama average unemployment rate was 9.9%. Do you know that? With Trump it’s 3.7. The unemployment rate right now is 11.1 percent? Nope!


Meanwhile, as the media continues to blame Gov. DeSantis for the current spike in the number of reported cases, evidence continues to suggest that the increase is due to the ongoing protests following George Floyd’s death, as we reported earlier today. Who knew?


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