Pelosi and Schumer Ask Trump to Lower Flags on 'Sad Day of Reckoning' — When Wuhan Virus Deaths Hit 100K Mark

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The American flag flies at half-staff at the Capitol in honor of Sen. John McCain of Arizona who died Saturday of brain cancer, in Washington, Monday, Aug. 27, 2018. McCain will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda on Friday. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Thursday sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking him lower flags to half-staff on the day the U.S. death total from the Wuhan virus reaches the 100,000 threshold.

The letter reads, in part:

“As we pay our respects to them, sadly, our country mourns the deaths of nearly 100,000 Americans from COVID-19. Our hearts are broken over this great loss and our prayers are with their families.

Respectful of them and the loss to our country, we are writing to request that you order flags to be flown at half staff on all public buildings in our country on the sad day of reckoning when we reach 100,000 deaths. It would serve as a national expression of grief so needed by everyone in our country.”

On its face, the letter appears to show genuine concern for the victims and their families. The operative words, of course, are “on its face.”

Given the fact that Democrats still can’t wrap their heads around the fact that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, and that for nearly four years, they have done everything possible to try to remove him from office, is it reasonable to consider an ulterior motive from these two?


If so, it seems there are three possible reasons Pelosi and Schumer sent the letter to Trump:

  1. The letter is completely without ulterior motive; Pelosi and Schumer acted solely out of respect for the victims.
  2. In an act of political brinksmanship, they wanted to beat Trump to the punch by being the first to suggest lowering the flag to half-staff in memory of the victims of the virus.
  3. The dynamic duo wants to paint Trump into a corner, setting him up for a no-win decision, as they see it. If he says no, they win. If he says yes, they will use the occasion to beat on him even more than they already do on a daily basis.

If #3 is the case, I’ll take the liberty to translate the letter, thusly:

Dear Mr. President,

As part of our continuing effort to hang the coronavirus pandemic around your neck — in desperate hope of derailing your reelection —we’ve come up with a brilliant idea that will paint you into a corner.

Yes, Donald, a no-win decision for you.

To mark the upcoming occasion of America deaths from the coronavirus passing the 100,000 threshold, we ask that you order flags flown at half-staff, so we can further exploit the deaths of Americans who have succumbed to the virus — and everyone else we can get away with including in the total.

These deaths are totally your fault, of course, because you recklessly downplayed the virus — after first trying to ignore it — for months.

Therefore, pinning the deaths on you and you alone, we believe, gives us the best — and last — chance we have to beat you in November, given that we’re pretty sure Joe doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of getting the job done, himself.


Nancy and Chuck


A bit cynical? Perhaps.

Then again, from the Russian “collusion” hoax, to the disastrous Mueller investigation, including Mueller’s embarrassing testimony, to the trumped-up impeachment charade, what else would a fair-minded person expect from these two and their Democrat colleagues?


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