MILO MANIA. Breitbart Editor Capitalizes on Free Speech Controversies to Promote Book

You should know, I have “Milo” muted in all my social media.

That’s how much I avoid news about the controversial Donald Trump loving, internet star. I don’t even want to know. I am the opposite of a fan. I’m worse than a hater, I just don’t care. Having said that the Breitbart Editor’s upcoming appearance at CPAC has broken through my protective walls. If CPAC wanted more media attention, they’ve gotten it.


The organization has pointed out they have a wide variety of speakers scheduled. Milo will still draw crowds, both for and against. From a marketing standpoint, he’s an excellent choice, how the CPAC faithful will receive Yiannopoulos is yet to be determined.

When I heard that Milo was on Bill Maher‘s show, “Real Time” on Friday, I decided to watch the interview.

I realized that I haven’t really watch Milo Yiannopoulos speak in years, if ever. I don’t know how long I’ve had his existence muted. I used to catch things here or there, but after my now infamous run in with the online Trumpkin Troll army, I completely lost interest. It wasn’t fun anymore to me. As David French, said… “we paid a price” for our opposition to Donald Trump.

Having said that time waits for no man. Donald Trump is now President, and his biggest online supporter Milo Yiannopoulos has signed a $250,000 Book Deal. Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose…and Sometimes it rains. I’ve learned a great deal in the last few years, I’ll never forget what I’ve gone through, but I refuse to allow it to make me bitter. Quite the opposite. I’m a curious person by nature, so this meteoric rise of Yiannopoulos has piqued my interest. What is it about *this* guy that makes him so fascinating?

He came seemingly out of nowhere, as Bill Maher points out, until a year ago, no one knew who this guy was. Do we really know now?


A couple things stood out to me after watching the exchange. Not the least of which was my concern for Milo’s fashion choices. He’s gay, shouldn’t he have a better sense of style? I mean the over-sized strands of Pearls on his neck and wrist? I just can’t support that kind of abuse of accessories.

It’s hard to explain, but Milo felt more like a caricature of what people think “a gay, British guy” acts like. From wardrobe to hand gestures. It’s as though his target demographic are those who thought punk rock was cool in the 1980’s, yet also wanted to hang out with the club kids. In short, he’s vintage 80’s eurotrash, maybe that’s appropriate considering the nostalgia theme of the last election.

His stories are wild but vague. He dated a Black Muslim, or so he claims. Kinda like that guy who always had a girlfriend from Canada, short on details. I get the feeling he would claim anything if it meant the spotlight would stay on him for another few minutes.

He’s doing a promotional tour now to support his unreleased, yet already best selling book, “Dangerous”.

I don’t put much stock in the sales of books these days, enough bulk orders and a best seller is all but guaranteed, what I do know is that many find Milo to be entertaining. He’s very big with the “he pisses off all the right people” crowd. His fans will be found saying things like, “he makes Liberals crazy”. All of this may be true, but that doesn’t mean I have to like him. Or enjoy his brand of “comedy”.


After watching him with Bill Maher, I honestly found him boring. Not particularly quick witted, when required to hold a conversation, with someone outside his bubble. His jokes boiled down to old Amy Schumer punchlines and exaggerated hand waving.

Yiannopoulos has a chameleon feel to him. From his earlier days as Milo Wagner, the neo-nazi with the Iron Cross, to the pearl draped fabulousness that appeared with Bill Maher on Friday night. This doesn’t make him less dangerous, in the field of politics this actually could make him the most dangerous. He seems willing to adapt and adjust his look or persona to whatever is more palatable.

His underlying messages remain the same. They have less to do with politics and more to do with promoting the Milo brand. He insinuates that he is “perceived” as a Conservative, because he writes for Breitbart. He doesn’t clarify in this interview just what his political convictions are. Something he always seems to have a laser like focus on however is building his fan base.

That’s part of the problem too. Conservatives are always trying too hard to appear “cool” or “hip”. Milo has many believing that he is both. I do wonder if many accept Milo simply because he is so openly gay, tired of being tagged as Bigots, some people will embrace anything that refutes the stereotype.

Others see Milo Yiannopoulos as someone who has merely changed the look of the neo-nazis, the kind that used to appear on Geraldo. Some love the irreverence he brings to politics. To me he’s just another political celebrity, maybe his goal is to get his own reality tv show, or start the next Breitbart Media. Or maybe his fifteen minutes are almost over.


I don’t know what he believes personally, but he’s consistently spouted rhetoric that repels me, that while he has every right to say it, online, on TV or even at CPAC, I am not required to listen.


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