CBS News Introduces "Nation Tracker" to Study Public Reaction to Trump

CBS News revealed a new poll they will be conducting through out the Donald Trump presidency on Face The Nation, Sunday. The “Nation Tracker” is designed to understand the public reaction to Trump and his policies. The panel is one that will be used over and over again to see if their opinions change over the course of time.

In this study, people separated themselves into four groups: the strongest of Trump backers (who we’ll call the Believers); those backing him but waiting for him to deliver (the Conditionals); those opposing him for now but waiting to see some results (the Curious) and those who seem immovably, firmly opposed (The Resistors.)

Currently the numbers indicate the “true believers” are pretty happy with Donald Trump (95% approval). This should be interesting to watch as Trump gets into his term. The support for his policies is based primarily on his ability to succeed in implimenting them.


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