Kellyanne Conway: Democrat "Preeners" Only Care Who Judge Gorsuch is on Roe Vs Wade

Everyone has been talking about Kellyanne Conway’s impromptu ad for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, howevever the White House Communications Director did mention something on Fox and Friends this morning that should comfort conservatives. It appears Donald Trump respects Judge Neil Gorsuch’s right to voice his dissenting opinion on the President’s comments toward the judiciary.


The Washington Examiner grabbed the footage.
“We have full faith and confidence in the nominee”

Conway clarified that Trump “is still fully confident” in the nominee. She then went on to cite the hypocrisy of those who deride Trump’s comments, while ignoring Barack Obama’s scolding of the Supreme Court from the Oval Office over the Citizen’s United decision. She ends with a quip that to the “preening Democrats” who are talking about it, saying all they really care about is where he stands on Roe versus Wade anyway.

In summary, this is a win for the American people. Judge Gorsuch appears to be an independent thinker, and it sounds like the administration knew this and respects it.


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