UNITED WE STAND? Uber CEO Quits Trump's Advisory Board Blames Travel Ban Backlash

This is a sad day for America. Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, has announced to his employees that he has quit the President’s advisory board, citing the assumption that being on the council meant an endorsement for Donald Trump and his agenda.


I’m almost sick. Uber is arguably one of the most revolutionary companies of the last decade, if not the new century. It benefits all Americans, if the President wants to seek their advice. The election is over. Donald Trump is the President. Even if you think Trump is all the horrible things people say he is, we should want him surrounded by the best advisors. Not just those who support him. If Trump is as bad as some predict, don’t we need people like Kalanick in his inner circle even more? Putting partisanship aside, isn’t the CEO of Uber precisely they kind of person we want advising the President? Uber, but for America, sounds great to me, considering the spawn of independent jobs that it created across the country.

The success of the American economy should not be a partisan issue. This is basic common sense. The media made it nearly impossible for Uber over the last week after #BoycottUber trended as a result of the Taxi Cab Unions joining the protest at JFK Airport on Saturday.


The non-stop barrage of bad press and celebrity condemnation, was intended for just this purpose. Those useful idiots tweeting #BoycottUber didn’t have the slightest idea why they were boycotting, they thought it had something to do with the travel ban. It did not.

To be fair Uber’s CEO, came out against the travel ban and began a legal fund almost immediately, but as social media stories go, it was already too late for him. Uber had been set up as the enemy, they hated immigrants, so said the media.

This would’ve been a perfect time for Uber to show the entire country some leadership, by saying something like the election is over, We love America and want to help make her successful”. Too much patriotism? Maybe something simple like “it’s time for us to all work together” or the classic “there is more than one way to serve your country”. But, no… That kind of talk isn’t well received in the New Days of Rage. So instead we all will suffer as the talent is shamed away from Donald Trump to appease the heartbroken Hillary Clinton supporters. So much for United We Stand, Divided We Fall.


Americans are tired of being pitted against each other. We all really want the business landscape to improve, regardless of who gets the credit. Meanwhile, the liberal elites who are always whining about unity, they do everything in their power to create division. This is not helpful. We want the innovation that Travis Kalanick brings to Uber to reach the halls of the White House.

The media needs a time out. They need to go to their rooms and collectively think about what they’ve done here. I’m terribly saddened that Travis Kalanick felt forced to step down for fear of more liberal backlash, but I also don’t want it to happen again.


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