Kellyanne Conway: Growing Up Gen X, Defeating Hillary Clinton, Feminists and Family

Kellyanne Conway is a force of nature. The new President’s Senior Counsel sat down for an incredibly candid interview with the Washington Post, in which she discusses family, fame and working for Donald Trump. In this conversation which apparently took place just before the inauguration, Kellyanne Conway faces some tough questions and shares some touching history.


She’s not had the easiest life, but she’s worked hard and gotten some wonderful opportunities. When Kellyanne Conway took over managing the Trump Campaign, he had already fired the previous three. Some thought Kellyanne was crazy for taking on such a momentous task, but it sounds like the ambitious blonde knew something that the rest of us missed. In her mind, Trump couldn’t lose.

A Young Kellyanne

I was raised by a single mom, in a unconventional household of four Italian Catholic women, and I was the first person to go to college, let alone law school, in my family. I started my business at 28. Like a Generation Xer, I married later, had children later and was very focused on my career. I’m a granddaughter of immigrants, and it’s a very common American experience.

I’ve noticed that Conway often references her connection to Generation X. She’s right our experience is one of adaptation.

On Her Historic Win

It’s a bigger deal now in retrospect. I never gave it much thought during the campaign. And neither did Donald Trump. The day that we discussed this role of campaign manager, he never said, “Hey, this will be great. I’ll make history with the first Republican female campaign manager.” He never said this will help with women’s votes — he never said any of that.


It’s refreshing to hear a powerful women talk about her accomplishments rather than just her gender.

On that Media Coverage

But by the way, we have to say thank you to many in the mainstream media because it helped us win. It was an elite rejection election in that, fundamentally, it was us versus them, and it turns out there are a heck of a lot more them than us, us being people in politics or media or the donor class. Or in the consulting class, which is nothing short of embarrassing. These noncreative nonthinkers who haven’t come up with a creative or original idea in 30 years are telling us who can win, who can lose three years before an election? That’s over.

Media in the Age of Trump

We believe in a free and fair media, but with freedom comes responsibility. It would be great for the media to be less presumptively negative and skeptical and more open and honest about their past unfair and untoward coverage of him and their obligation to deliver news, not opinion masquerading as news or their personal beliefs masquerading as news.

She’s Not A Feminist

I don’t consider myself a feminist. I think my generation isn’t a big fan of labels. My favorite label is mommy. I feel like the feminist movement has been hijacked by the pro-abortion movement or the anti-male sentiments that you read in some of their propaganda and writings. I’m not anti-male.


One of my favorite things about Kellyanne Conway is pride in both family and career. Something that most “Feminists” just will never understand.

She’s Pro-Life

The New York Times, of all places, had a front-page story above the fold about how with proper medical intervention, babies born at or before 24 weeks can survive outside the womb. Wow, this is amazing. And for us to just look the other way and pretend that abortion is not used by plenty of people as birth control? But I’m also a very nonjudgmental person. I understand why women are pro-choice.

No One Could Have Helped Hillary

No, Hillary Clinton could not have won this election cycle for a few reasons. One is she could never really escape the fact that, including according to The Washington Post polling, that persistent, nagging majorities of Americans find her to be dishonest and untrustworthy and didn’t particularly like her, either.

Conway has shown in previous appearances that she doesn’t suffer fools gladly when they attempt to force her into a position because she’s a Mom. When the Washington Post reporter pressed Mrs. Conway on Trump’s outlandish comments, she was quick to push back and hard.

You have four kids. Did you have to explain to them why it was okay that someone who said this would be president?

It’s a little bit of a cheap shot to raise my kids into a question like that. I just want to say that because people do it all the time

Right, but I already had to explain to my children many times why Hillary Clinton lied so many times and, frankly, why she made a different choice when faced with a cheating husband than my mother did.


Through the sit down, Kellyanne Conway effortless witches from ferocious Washington Insider to tender mom of four, I for one applaud her accomplishments. She the kind of independent thinking woman that we’re lucky to have as role models for our daughters.
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