Performance at Trump Inaugural Costs R&B Singer Gig With Spike Lee

It’s hard to even imagine how this plays out in reverse. A famous Hollywood director openly discriminating against a performer at Obama’s inauguration. I bet Spike Lee would have organized a protest, though. At least one. Instead, Spike Lee has publicly denounced R&B singer, Chrisette Michele, then let the world know, he wouldn’t be using her work as planned on an upcoming project for Netflix.

The director posted this message to his instagram account.

The singer posted an open letter via her Twitter account, says that her heart was broken, but that she would not cancel her performance.

For people who are always lecturing us about unity, many on the left don’t seem to know what the word means. Chrisette Michele for her part, performed for the Obama family just a few months ago. We can be thankful, she is not selfish with her talent. Nor is it only for those who share her political views, whatever they may be. Spike Lee could learn something here, but he won’t.

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