Bill O'Reilly to Interview Donald Trump on Super Bowl Sunday

Continuing a tradition that nearly all football fans hate, Bill O’Reilly will be sitting down with Donald Trump on Super Bowl Sunday. Because Obama did it, so of course Trump must do it too. The interview will air during the pregame show, according to Politico.

The interview will continue a tradition of sorts for O’Reilly, who has been called upon before to interview the president before the big game — O’Reilly sat down with President Barack Obama in 2011 and again in 2014.

President Obama made it an annual tradition to grant an interview to the Super Bowl host network, to air during the pre-game show. The game is the biggest TV event in the country, and the pregame interview is typically seen by millions of viewers who may not otherwise watch news programming.

The interview will take place at the White House and will air around 4 p.m., with an extended interview set to air on Monday, Feb. 6 during “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Personally I wish they would stop doing this every year. Nothing ruins a great Super Bowl Party faster than an unnecessary political discussion. I didn’t like it when Obama did it, and I don’t like it now. Super Bowl Sunday is a high holy day in this house, and it’s rude for the President to infringe upon that, regardless of who is in the office.