NAACP President Demands Donald Trump Apologize to John Lewis

Let’s remember that John Lewis picked this fight with Donald Trump, when it really starts to go crazy on the Sunday shows. Now the president of the NAACP, Cornell Brooks has tweeted out a demand for Trump to apologize to the civil rights icon.


Rep. John Lewis, Democrat from Alabama, famous for being at the bridge in Selma on “Bloody Sunday”, said in no uncertain terms that he didn’t believe that Donald Trump was a Legitimate President. He questioned the election results and the legitimacy of our process, as a sitting Congressman.

It would be great if Donald Trump would ignore these things, but he’s not going to do that. The idea that Donald Trump owes John Lewis an apology is a joke. But of course, this entire thing is starting to feel staged, in the wake of all the ‘It’s MLK Weekend’, comments being tossed around by the Media. When did it start being a weekend? And what does that have to do with John Lewis saying the Russians tampered with our elections?


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