THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. Ex-Spy, Trump Leak Source Flees Home in Fear

Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy who reportedly passed the now infamous dossier on Donald Trump to the CIA has fled his home in fear. He did however ask his neighbor to look after his cat.


The Daily Mail has the story:

Ex-MI6 man Christopher Steele is reported to be the source of a salacious file alleging the Kremlin had compromising evidence about Mr Trump’s sex life, that it planned to use to blackmail him.
Mr Steele, 52, is said to be an expert in intelligence analysis and counter-terrorism and sources say he once worked with murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.
However, he has now been forced to flee in fear of a backlash from the Kremlin over the dossier and sources say he is ‘terrified for his safety’.
There were no signs of life at his gated home, not far from the commuter belt in Surrey, last night and a neighbour revealed that the former spy asked them to look after his pet while he laid low.

All of this cloak and dagger might actually be necessary if the Russians aren’t happy with the leak. I mean the guy did work with Litvinenko for pete’s sake, and we know what happened to him. The problem with Buzzfeed’s disruption of the news cycle with their decision to publish the raw document, is that now if there is any truth to the report, no one will take it seriously.

Sounds like he plans to come back for his kitty though, and that would be a great story for Buzzfeed to cover. They can fill it with cat gifs, it’s what they do best.


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