RIP: Clare Hollingworth, Reported Start of World War II Dead at 105

Hollywood should make a movie about this… Clare Hollingworth, The woman who broke the news of the start of World War II has died at the age of 105. For all the praise the Press enjoys heaping on each other, it’s odd to me that Clare Hollingworth isn’t a household name. She should be. Shame on us.


During her first week as a reporter Ms. Hollingworth wrote the initial report on the German invasion of Poland,this would kick off an illustrious career.

Family friend Cathy Hilborn Feng confirmed to AFP that Hollingworth had died in Hong Kong, which had been her home for over 30 years.

The family released a short statement on the Facebook page “Celebrate Clare Hollingworth”.

“We are sad to announce that after an illustrious career spanning a century of news, celebrated war correspondent Clare Hollingworth died this evening in Hong Kong,” the statement read.

Hollingworth witnessed the horrors of war in Vietnam, Algeria, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, as well as the Cultural Revolution in China.

A woman reporter in 1939. Who would have thought. It’s almost like finding out that NASA employed black women in the 1960s. The information was there all along, yet no one took the time to celebrate it. Here’s to Clare Hollingworth, May She Rest In Peace.


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