He's Got David Bowie Eyes. Rocker's Son Tweets Plea for Shelter Pup named after his Dad.

David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones sent out a tweet looking to help find a home for a shelter pup that’s named after his iconic Dad. The adorable mutt even has the mismatched eyes that became part of Bowie’s trademark look. Who could resist this face?


Mashable picked up the story….

Bowie is a 3-year-old lurcher — a type of dog that’s a cross between a sighthound like a Greyhound and a terrier — currently being kept at Dogs Trust Bridgend in Wales, UK. He has one blue eye and one brown. According to a press release sent to Mashable, his condition has caused him to be overlooked. The story made the news in Wales, and it wasn’t long before it had caught the attention of Jones.

The pup obviously touched a nerve with Bowie’s son.

Apparently the trademark eyes, is something the family takes seriously. Jones also shared a picture of his sister’s dog, Max, who shares the trait.

I hope Bowie finds a forever home, something tells me he won’t be in the shelter long with this kind of publicity.


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