Did Ann Coulter Signal Support for White Supremacists with this Tweet?

Ann Coulter was trending on Twitter again. Since I’ve written a little about Ann Coulter and her questionable political pals previously, I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. As I searched the Google headlines, nearly all suggested Ms. Coulter had tweeted out concrete proof that she had gone “Full Nazi” sympathizer. I eagerly clicked through to see just what the flaxen firebrand had said this time. Imagine my surprise when all the article linked to one tweet. This was the message that has they media hysterically denouncing Ann Coulter, while trying to figure out the hidden meaning.


The immediate response from her detractors was to accuse Ms. Coulter of supporting the White Supremacist movement. If you didn’t know the number 14 is significant to them, as one person was quick to explain on Twitter.

While I’ve been a harsh critic of Ann Coulter for her statements in the past, I think she was probably referring to the fact that Barack Obama is only in office for another two weeks or 14 days. Maybe she is celebrating the inauguration of Donald Trump, too. I don’t think this two character tweet deserved all the digital ink used on it today, so in a weird way I felt like I should defend Ann Coulter.


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