Slate: If You Didn't Vote for Hillary, You're Basically A Rapist

“For anyone who voted for Donald Trump, bald-faced racism and sexism were not the deal-breakers they should have been. Hatred of women was on the ballot in November, and it won.” Who thinks like this? The writers and editors at Slate, obviously. “In 2016 America Was Forced to Face the Reality of Sexual Assault” is the title of the article that goes on to compare the election of Donald Trump to rape. The hyperbole would be amusing if they weren’t so deadly serious.


The Trump allegations also gave non-victims not already taking part in contemporary discussions of consent an occasion to expand the boundaries of what they consider sexual assault. It would take a hardy capacity for self-delusion to read the particulars of Trump’s gropes and grabs—“his fingers slid under her miniskirt, moved up her inner thigh, and touched her vagina through her underwear”—and still brush them off as misguided flirtation. I wrote a piece in Washington City Paper about being groped on the street in 2014, and I’ll never forget one comment an anonymous man left on the online version.He wrote that the article had made him rethink his definition of sexual assault.

Two things to remember here, one this is supposed to be a column about the Presidential election and two now we have ‘non-victims’ to worry about as well. Only a liberal feminist would contort the english language to create a word for a new status of victimhood, “non-victims”. She could have just used the word “people”, but what’s the fun in that?

Every Democrat has their own theory about why Hillary Clinton lost, Christina Cauterucci has just decided it’s because all Trump voters are abusive sexists, it’s easier than thinking, I guess.


When Republicans nominated a crude misogynist to oppose a candidate who looked like she might be the nation’s first female president, the 2016 election seemed like it would be, at least in part, a referendum on America’s entire record of discrimination and abuse against women.

These are the same people who wanted to welcome Bill Clinton back into the White House. Bill. Clinton. The man who brought oral sex to your nightly news. The man who took advantage of his 20-something intern while he was President. A fireable offense for anyone working in the private sector, regardless of what your definition of the word “is” is. Bill Clinton’s treatment of women is well documented, and completely ignored by those that want to demonize Donald Trump and more importantly his voters.

…in 2016, America’s young women and men learned that survivors get dragged in the press and perpetrators get to be president.

Perhaps, Ms. Cauterucci is too young to remember all of the women, that Hillary Clinton dragged in the press to protect her husband. Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Kathleen Willey could probably fill her in. Truth is Cauterucci and others like her will never admit to the hypocrisy in their ranks, nor will they concede that their own behavior is detrimental to actual victims.


I’m not one to defend the actions of Donald Trump, I will however defend Republican voters, and those that decided he was a better option than Hillary Clinton. The left continues to paint all Republicans as racist, sexist, homophobic hillbillies, selectively disregarding all evidence to the contrary.

The most pathetic thing about all of this is that it’s all part of the Democrats inability to accept that Hillary Clinton lost the election. She lost, they need to get over it. Donald Trump won in a free and fair election, not in some strange fantasy world where voting is equal to sexual assault.



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