This is kinda sad. SNL gives Hillary Clinton the "Love Actually" Treatment

Because we haven’t heard enough about Hillary Clinton’s loss, SNL created a parody from the famous “Love Actually” scene with cue cards, where the man finds out his love interest is actually a married woman. In the SNL version, Clinton has found a member of the electoral college.


The skit is still funny if you’re a fan of the movie, and seeing Clinton supporters have minor meltdowns, which I am. Kate McKinnon has been a stand out as Hillary Clinton as well, a role earning her several awards this season. It’s also a role and platform McKinnon used and the writers used to absurdly lame effect, and many jeers, with a maudlin, self-indulgent, post-election spectacle of stupid.

Here’s hoping for a new season of SNL that doesn’t include mostly political material. Hey, miracles can happen. It’s the Christmas season, after all.


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