#TJAMS: Inside Info on "The Jim and Mickey Show"

So there’s something you should know about me, especially if you read my bio page. I host a weekly podcast with Jim Geraghty, who you probably know from National Review. He’s the author of “The Morning Jolt” a staple for your inbox. Our show is called “The Jim and Mickey Show” or #TJAMS for short. We didn’t get too creative with the title. When we put the show together over two years ago, we weren’t sure how our idea to bring pop culture human interest stories to a more Conservative audience would be received.


It took a little while for people to understand that we really weren’t going to talk about politics on the show. We obviously bring a right leaning perspective to “water cooler” conversations, that’s part of our charm, it’s just not the purpose of the show.

We developed “The Jim and Mickey Show” not as a tool to forward an agenda, but instead to create a space where our audience could escape the constant barrage of liberal media bias. On #TJAMS we talk about some of the same topics you’d see on Morning TV Shows, we just do it without mocking conservatives or giving lectures. Something we often craved ourselves, but were lacking in any outlets offering relief. It seems everywhere you turn, Democrat talking points are being forced in your face. We decided to do something about it. Thus, the pop culture podcast with a conservative twist was born.

Each week when the podcast goes live, Jim Geraghty and I do what we call a “Live Tweet” of the show. In this we highlight some of the shows best segments and moments. You can find information on the show by searching the #TJAMS hashtag, we use it in all social media. For those of you who aren’t regular twitter users, here’s just a sample of our Friday afternoon shenanigans:

Come To The Merry Side


Each week Jim creates a new parody ad to begin the show:

Then we go into our first segment, usually some updates and then into our first topic, this week it was Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Jim is a huge Star Wars fan, he goes to nearly every premiere. The opening of #RogueOne was no different.

Our producer Dave Perkins and I aren’t nearly as committed to Star Wars.


This week we talked about just how much Amazon has changed our Christmas habits.

In the last segment of each show we always discuss the answers to a question that we ask on social media on Tuesdays. You can find the questions and answers to play along with #TrivialTuesdays.


When possible I put links up on our facebook page to specific things we discuss in the show, we invite you to become part of the show, not to just listen. Sometimes the answers to the “Trivial Tuesday” question inspire segments of the show.

I invite you to join thousands of other #TJAMS fans each week. You can subscribe to our Soundcloud podcast or catch it on whatever listening service you use. I hope you’ll join us as we laugh our way through the pop culture news of the week.

Listen to “Come to The Merry Side“.


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