"Barbie" Deserves Better Than Amy Schumer

The media has floated the idea that Amy Schumer is a front runner to play “Barbie” in an upcoming live action movie featuring the doll. To say that the reaction has been less than enthusiastic is an understatement of epic proportions. Schumer who gained fame for her Comedy Central show, “Inside Amy Schumer” has become a bit of a media darling, even as her popularity sinks with the public.


The foul mouthed comedian bounced off the TV screen onto the Big Screen with her runaway hit, “Trainwreck”. Then things started to go South. It was during a screening of “Trainwreck” that a gunmen opened fire in Lafayette, Louisiana on July 23, 2015. This incident opened the door for Ms. Schumer to begin spouting gun control talking points, reminiscent of her cousin, Chuck Schumer.

She went from rising star to sneering scold in about 15 seconds flat.

To understand how significant this turnaround is, you have to get that Schumer’s sketch comedy show, was filled with obscene and over the top humor. Yet it was actually very funny, Ms. Schumer captured real life moments in a way that would have made the original cast of Saturday Night Live proud. She wasn’t “ready for Prime Time” as they used to say. She pushed the boundaries, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t but she was at least putting out buzzworthy material. Then she got famous.

The shooting in Louisiana was tragic, but there is no indication that it had anything to do with the specific movie that was being shown that night. This fact didn’t stop Schumer from turning it into an opportunity to lecture the country on gun control. The media ate it up.
The public not so much. After her tour of the talk shows, denouncing guns, not the shooters of course, her show went into what appears to be a permanent hiatus. Which is probably for the best.


Bud Light hired Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen to pitch their product over the Summer as part of their “Election Campaign”. It was an unmitigated disaster that ultimately was yanked from the airwaves. Turns out Americans don’t like politics with their beer ads. Who knew? Perhaps if Schumer and Rogen had done an ad for a raspberry-honey-wheat summer shandy, they would have been targeting a better audience. In any case, the Bud Light campaign will be used as an example of what not to do with your brand, for years to come.

After all of this imagine my surprise when the “Barbie” rumors started swirling. There is nothing in Amy Schumer’s resume that would make her a good candidate for a children’s film about the ideal woman. Of course, Schumer and her defenders are making this all about appearances. It’s no secret that Amy Schumer had to lose quite a bit of weight before anyone in Hollywood would give her a shot. Now she’s acting like it’s the public’s fault for noticing.

Battling what she calls “Fat Shaming” has become part of Amy Schumer’s brand. Since at least 2013, everytime she wants publicity she runs to a camera crew where she gives, an epic response to her haters, every single time.

It’s strange that the media doesn’t seem to notice the pattern. It’s almost as though they see only what fits their narrative….


Now Amy Schumer and her publicists want us to believe that she should play “Barbie”, the iconic doll whose idealistic anatomy has caused feminists to flip out for years. Please. This is just unrealistic on so many levels, one Schumer doesn’t look the part, obviously. Not just because she is too overweight, but she’s also not tall enough, young enough or quite frankly pretty enough to be the ultimate woman. “Barbie” doesn’t look like Amy Schumer and that’s one of her most endearing qualities. So of course Ms. Schumer is hitting the talk shows to strike back at the “fat shamers”, again.

In addition to the striking physical flaws with the idea, Schumer doesn’t capture the essence of success that Barbie has always enjoyed. Barbie doesn’t have to work hard for things, she just does them. Schumer couldn’t play confident with Meryl Streep’s acting skills. It’s just not who she is.

Barbie isn’t just some doll, she’s an American icon, since she first hit the shelves in the 1959 young girls have lived out their wildest dreams though the her. Barbie is always the height of fashion, culture and decorum. That last one is another sticking point for the argument to use Amy Schumer. She’s not exactly role model material for young girls. Which leads me to the real question about all of this: Who thought casting Amy Schumer as Barbie was a good idea?


I find it hard to believe that anyone seriously thought this wouldn’t be a controversial decision, so then I’m left thinking it was all just a public relations stunt from the very beginning. But how far do they take it? Would Hollywood producers allow a movie to tank, simply to keep Amy Schumer in the headlines? Unlikely, so perhaps this was a trial balloon to see how the public would react to the casting.

Either way as a fan of Barbie, I think she deserves better than a portrayal by Amy Schumer. She’s been driving little girls’ imagination for over 50 years.


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