Nailed It! How We Got Trump, Explained in One Tweet.

The media has been gnashing their teeth over the election results, blaming “fake news” and electoral college. If there were ever a way to summarize what happened in the 2016 election, it appears in this one tweet from Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner.

While Hillary Clinton thanks her Billionaire donors, Donald Trump is on the road to thank the American voters. The juxtaposition couldn’t be more clear. From the time Hillary announced it was to be a coronation for her, not a race. Meanwhile Trump actually seemed to enjoy going out and meeting the American people. While Clinton took her voters for granted in states like Michigan, Trump made the effort to reach out to those rust-belt voters even in the closing days of the election. This pattern was repeated throughout the country, as Clinton thought she had the election sewn up. The American people had other plans though.

As the kids say, This is How we got Trump.

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