SNL Searches for Clinton-Squatch... in The Hunt For Hil

Since losing the election, Hillary Clinton has been spotted in the woods more often than Sasquatch, Saturday Night Live took note with this hilarious sketch, “The Hunt For Hil”.


The sketch is set up a great deal like “Mountain Monsters”, the reality show that follows squatch hunters throughout Appalachia. The two hunters are on a quest to thank Hillary Clinton for her service to country. When they have trouble finding her in the woods, they make several attempts to lure her in, using a maniacal laugh, that mocks Ms. Clinton’s cackle as a mating call of sorts. They then use a camera as bait thinking she can’t resist an opportunity to discuss the recount efforts.

The hunters keep coming up empty, so they decide to visit a shaman to find the elusive Hillary Clinton. They are then directed to the local Shoprite grocery store.

It’s SNL at it’s finest, nailing Clinton for her bizarre post election behavior. She’s one step above Man-Bear-Pig at this point, but sliding fast.


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